Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter weekend. Ours was eventful, full of laughter, food and lots of Easter eggs to hunt.

A few shots of the kids looking through their Easter baskets, to see what the Easter bunny left them.
This is Katie's new Furreal Kitty "Lulu," she walks, meows, paws and purrs.  Katie seems to really like her.
First thing Colton grabs is the balls.  After awhile, he rolled his toy cars around on the floor.

A week of enjoying the Easter celebration by decorating the house and baking these goodies for everyone.
Red-Velvet Egg Bon-Bons
I thought these bunny cut out sugar cookies turned out cute.  I got the idea from "Tidy Mom". She has some of the neatest ideas, you'll have to check her out.

I found this Easter tree at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.  I've always wanted to have an Easter egg tree for inside the house.  I've never seen one like this one, it's so soft.
A few Easter Sunday pictures

The South has officially Sprung. I love the flowers blooming everywhere. It's so beautiful!
These butterflies were so gracious enough to allow me to get a picture of them.

Peggy & Millard's Easter Egg Tree all decked out

Flowering trees are showing off - Crabapple Tree

Easter Egg Hunt

Lots of Family Photo Ops


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thekeyes said...

i love love love katies easter dress. If you need to pass down clothes to anyone keep lilly in mind. HAHA!! the pictures of the flowers are plum goregous and make me drool with jealousy! i miss springs in the south. looks like you all had a good time.