Thursday, April 15, 2010

Prayer Request

This morning, my Aunt Bobby passed away from complications due to her Alzheimers. In the above picture is my Uncle Rex (my mother's brother) and Aunt Bobby Lou. Wasn't she a beautiful woman? I didn't get to know her like my sisters did because her and Rex divorced several years ago and she moved to Florida. They had 8 children together and they are spread throughout the country. During her last days, her daughters were taking good care of her. As much care as humanly possible. Considering the circumstances, they were forced to move her into a nursing home. She was really having a hard time remembering people.

I know her children are having a difficult time handling her death. They knew it was coming sooner or later, but I guess they wished they had a little more time with her. I can't imagine what they might be going through. Please pray for this family.

My sister, June, friend's son is having heart problems. He's heart wants to run away from him. It sounds like the same problem Nicholas has with his heart. There's a medical name for it, but guess what? I can't remember it. The heart surgeons have been monitoring his heart rhythms and decided that they needed to go in. He had a little procedure done today and his mother reported that it went well and he was recovering. Please keep him in your prayers.

My Great Aunt Mary is back in the hospital.  When I asked my mother what was the problem, she said that the doctors really don't know what could be the problem other than old age.  My Aunt Mary is my grandmother's eldest sister.  Yes, Mary has out lived every one of her siblings and she was the first born.  Don't ask me how old she is because I've lost count, but I know she's very close to 100 years old.  I'll have to ask my mother because she keeps up with it.  Please remember her in your thoughts and prayers. 

I spoke to my sister, Sandy, this morning and she said that my niece's dog passed away.  When Liz was having a hard time in her life, her sweet husband went out and bought her Sophie.  Sophie was a precious maltese.  Liz took Sophie into the Vet for a routine teeth cleaning.  According to Sandy, the Vet puts Sophie to sleep in order to clean her teeth.  Well, Sophie's heart stopped and they couldn't get it started back.  She was 6 years old (in human years).  Liz is completely devastated and understandably so over her baby.  I couldn't get over it while Sandy was telling me all of this.  Liz is going through lots right now and she would really appreciate the prayers.  Thank you!



Anonymous said...

sending my prayers!

The Thorsrud Family said...

hey Im just catching up on my blogging. Thank you for the prayers. They were felt, and helped. It was a freak thing, but weirder part is that I think God was preparing me awhile back for her to pass. I knew she didnt have much longer in my heart, I felt like it was in my head, but it wasnt. Sophie was a great dog, and did a wonderful job keeping me company, and being my baby fill in until we could have kids. There will never be a better dog than her.