Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Prayer Request

Please remember a friend of mine, Becka. She's been having serious sinus problems for quite some time. It developed when she was younger, right after getting a broken nose. Tomorrow, the doctor will have to re-break her nose and reset it. Plus, the doctor found a tumor in her sinuses. The tumor is benign, so that's good news. He will drill holes and hopefully the tumor will drain out of her. Doesn't that sound awful? Talking with her tonight, she is a bundle of nerves. She's at the point where she doesn't want to hear any awful personal experiences from other people or horrifying questions. I just told her not to think about what everyone has told her that was negative and think positive. I didn't tell her good luck. Instead, I assured her everything was going to be just fine and I'd be thinking about her tomorrow. I think she liked that much better. Poor soul. This procedure is considered major, so she'll be in the hospital for a couple of days.

Yard Sale
I will be hosting a yard sale in the next couple of weeks and I've been going through box after box of baby/toddler clothes. Oh my gosh! My head has been spinning because you have to realize that I have nearly 5 years worth of girl's clothes and shoes in our storage building. I've got the stack of special clothing that I plan on keeping for Katie and Colton.

I've found out, it's easier to price items while the children are asleep. You may not see much of me for the next couple of weeks and this is why. They are trying to help me. Katie feels she must make sure all the clothes and shoes absolutely do not fit her. You don't know how many times I've had to stop her from trying on clothes. Finally, I had to have her repeat after me "these clothes and shoes are too small and therefore, I can't ever wear them again." She thought it was funny, but she got the hint. LOL! Now, I've got to go shopping online and find her new Disney PJs. Thank goodness Disney is having a 2 for $20 right now on a lot of their PJs and gowns. She wants a new Ariel, Tiana and Bell PJs. I had to stop for a little while because Colton kept unfolding my nice folded priced outfits. Then, he kept snatching my pen and tape. Ugh! I guess he thinks, he can put a better price.

Katie is not liking me going through her stuff to sale. DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA! She calmed down a little when she saw some of the things I was keeping for her, so when she has a baby. Whell, that statement flipped her lid. She immediately asked, "when I have a baby? Mom, when will I have a baby?" We've had this discussion before, I guess she needed a little reminding. She was okay afterwards.

Little Family Singer
Doug's got the Zune all charged up, in hopes Katie might like to use it to listen to her favorite music. She sings all the time now. Some of the songs are 80s that have been reintroduced to the new movies like "Chipmunks Squeakquel." I remember some of the words, so I have to correct her from time to time. I think I'm going to break down and purchase the "Chipmunk's Squeakquel" soundtrack for her. I listen to 80s music on the radio in the car. A lot of the time, she'll ask me what the name of the song is or she'll tune up and start singing with me. I love times like these to remember.

Colton is right there in the middle of things. He thinks he is just as big as you and he can do anything. He has a way of communicating with you. Right now, he grunts a lot. If he wants a drink, he'll start grunting. If you ask him if he wants a drink, he'll either smile and go crazy or he'll take you to the refrigerator. He still thinks his sister is the funniest person on the face of the earth. He'll start laughing at her like a drop of a hat. He waves bye-bye and if he feels that he has accomplished something big, he'll start clapping.  Or if you say "yay," he'll beginning clapping.  He's beginning to enjoy watching cartoons like Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with sister. 

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