Saturday, April 17, 2010

April Blossoms

Well, I snuck out of the house this morning to check out some patio furniture at "Pattie's Patio." As I drove up in the parking lot, they had a sign on the window "Going Out of Business." I got a little excited, hoping I might get a good deal. Unfortunately, there was another smaller sign by the door that read "We're closed today for personal business." Ugh! I went ahead, looked through the store windows and outside where a lot of their patio furniture is located. I really didn't see anything that excited me.

On the way home, I wanted to check out this fairly new greenhouse nursery "Greenleaf." I guess they've been here for a year or so. I've never been there because one person told me that they were a little pricey. I've been tired of looking at the same plants at Lowe's, Home Depot and Walmart (azaleas, rhododendron and gardenia bushes). I really wanted to see what else is out there for part sun to shady areas. I've always wanted a Camellia bush, but really haven't found one that either looked healthy or have a pretty bloom to it. I must say, I was impressed with Greenleaf. They had everything! I would really love to have a Lilac bush, but I don't have the sun to really reach it's potential. Oh, if we ever move to an area with some full sun in our yard, I'm going to purchase a Lemon tree. I saw one at the nursery and the white blooms on the tree are very fragrant. So sweet! They had some beautiful, healthy azaleas of all colors. I'm thinking about going back and getting one that had two tone bright pink blossoms. The container had to be close to 2 gallons for $24.99. I know when I purchased my azaleas in the front yard, they were a gallon and I think I paid around $10 each. So, I don't think $24.99 is too bad of a price for a healthy bush. I did go ahead and purchase a beautiful Camellia for $14.99. The color name is pearl. The picture looks like a light pink rose, not at all like some of the Camellias I've seen around. I planted it in the corner of the back yard, where I'm planning on making a flowerbed.

The Horticulturist, I spoke with at the nursery gave me lots of planting ideas and tips on the plants I purchased. She showed me a Campanula plant aka "Pink Octopus" and I immediately fell in love. She said they are shade lovers and very hardy. They are similar to Hostas because they spread out and can be separated. They have a danty little pink flower that looks like a pink Octopus tentacles. I think it's cute and very unique. The lady I was working with recommended Mushroom Compost for the plants along with a liquid plant root stimulator (to help on the shock) and powdered plant food that smelled just like a horse stable. Pe-ew!

Finally, I like to get some kind of annual flower to put in my flower pot out on the driveway. Normally, I plant Geraniums or Verbas because they do so well during the Summer months. Last year, Katie and I planted colorful Gerber Daisies. We had so many compliments on those and I loved them because they looked playful and happy. I don't know, daisies remind of happiness and joy. I was so undecided until I found this year's plant of the Mason's landscape. I've never seen a Regal Geraniums before today. I think that's what they are called or least that's what I was told. They are very pretty and different from the traditional Geraniums. The color name on the marker was "Elegant Purple Majesty." 

I also like to get a hanging basket for the shepard's hook that sports around in my flowerbed in the front yard. I've had good experiences with Mandevillas, but the ones I've purchased were the climbing. I've never seen them in hanging baskets, so I was pleased to see this one in a basket. I love the color! It's like a deep dark red. I got this Mandevilla at Lowe's. I'm excited to see if it will spread like the vines.

Just some pictures of my azaleas


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