Thursday, April 15, 2010

Colton's 1 Year Portrait

Welcome to Colton's Gallery! (hehe)

Today, Peggy and Millard went with Colton and myself to "Jones Farms," or at least that's what the sign says as soon as you top the hill on Carl T. Jones. Doug and I wanted to try out the Portrait Innovations in Huntsville to see if we like it better than Birmingham. I've never had any problems with the Birmingham studio. The main reason for going to Huntsville is according to the map, we might be a little closer to it than Birmingham.

I had more pros than cons with the new studio at Jones Farms. In my opinion, the building on the inside looked bigger. They had the 2 studios and 4 photographers on hand, which is nice. I noticed this studio had a dressing room, where the Birmingham studio doesn't. Plus, they had this big laundry sink, which came in very handy today. I don't believe the other studio has this available. The only con I had against this studio is the experience, but you have to start some where. Right? I cringed when I over heard our photographer talking to another about her photo shoot experiences. She said the job she just got through with was her second one ever. Apparently our photographer thought she was talking about today. Nope, the girl corrected her and said ever. Then, our photographer asked her if her nerves were getting the best of her. When she shook her head, I thought oh me. Again, I had to keep telling myself, they have to start some where and she probably did a very good job. I know when I do people favors like taking their picture, I'm too much of a perfectionist that I wear the people out because I know I can get a "better" shot another way. When in fact, they would have been happy with the first 10 shots.

Well, I was VERY pleased with Colton's photos. At first, we thought he was going to be in his serious mood. Once the ladies got to playing (tickling) him, he warmed up quickly. Thank goodness, we were the only ones getting our pictures made at the time because he was every where and I just appreciated the attention from the other photographers. They were really helpful and so friendly. I think our photographer was having the most fun because she kept laughing at Colton acting silly and laughing.

They were actually surprised that I wanted a more casual laid back photo, something of creation. I brought Colton's surfer outfit and once I saw that they were going to just go with a plain background, I suggested the beach or seaside scene instead. Their mouths fell open. The ladies said that everytime they suggest the seaside scene, most people turn up their lip and immediately say "no." I told them about the cute pictures I got from Katie's 2nd birthday photos. The ladies got real getty because I let them be somewhat creative.

When we switched studios, I noticed the Harley Davidson motorcycle. Yes, they had it along with the jacket. It is precious! I've seen a sample of this motorcycle in the children's pictures, but I never saw it in the Birmingham studio. They must have it packed away because the lack of space, but it was there in the Huntsville studio. I don't think Colton's old enough to feel confident enough that he wouldn't fall. I've definitely got it in the back on my mind for next year. I also saw another photo of a little boy, sitting side ways wearing a t-shirt with a football, soccer & basketball. The shirt read "sports" below. I guess the mother brought the balls that coordinated with his shirt. It was simple and precious. I thought of Colton immediately because he loves balls. Then, I saw one of an older boy wearing a football uniform and holding a football. So cute! I can't wait until next year!

Meanwhile, here are a few of the photos. We didn't get all that you see, but we got enough. I'll try to send out the thank you cards as soon as possible. Be expecting one of these to accompany it.

He was laughing - I've really got to get his hair cut (so long)

I got a BIG close up photo of this one

I was so happy to get one good picture with him & his teddy because he kept throwing it, he was playing a game.

This is one of my favorites!

His hair was sticking up because he just got through playing with the balloons

Colton was doing his Hulk impersonation - Actually, he got mad because the lady took his shovel away

He got his shovel back quickly

He is changing his looks once again!

I really liked this picture - this is Colton, pulling on his shirt & drooling

I had envisioned something completely different when I wanted this arrangement.  Stupid mom forgot that Colton LOVES and I mean LOVES balloons.  The whole time, we were trying to get this shot, he kept playing with the balloons and would not pay attention.  This is one of the best shots, we could get out of this session. Ugh!

All he wanted was he balloon, well baby you got it 'cause your momma's baby boy!

He was looking at us like, "you're not gonna take my balloon.  Are you?"

I'm sure you noticed that I didn't list Katie's name at the beginning of my post. Well, last night Whitney called. She worked her 7 on at the hospital and wanted to take Katie and Nia during her 7 off. She is so sweet to take the girls some where on her days off, when she could be sacked out on the couch or catching up on her housework. Katie hasn't seen Nia in quite sometime, so I knew she would want to spend time with her. They play so good together. They are like two peas in a pod. Whitney and her MIL took the girls to EarlyWorks Museum. I've had great intentions of taking Katie there this Summer. I guess I'll get a feel of how well she liked it and if it is age approperiate. On top of that, Whitney and Zayne are having the girls spend the night tonight. Whoo Hoo! How fun does that sound having a 4 year old and 5 year old under the same roof? I bet Zayne turned in early tonight. I gave Whitney lots of movies to calm the girls down later tonight. I hope it worked. I'll have to get the scoop tomorrow on today's events. LOL!

I've been thinking a lot about Katie's birthday party. She really wants to have her classmates invited to her party. So, I was thinking about throwing her birthday party a little early. Let's say, in May or early June. I was thinking about calling "Air It Out" to see how much they charge to rent their party room for a couple of hours. I also want to see if the Aquatic Center will rent their party rooms to non-members. Katie would love to go to either places. Do you think it would be alright if I have her party early or should I do the usual Summer Family party? Ugh! What to do? I don't think we could afford a BIG party this year with both friends and family. Shoot, we have enough family to fill up a house. So, to compensate for the family not REALLY getting involved in all the craziness of pool or bounce house parties, I was thinking about having cake & ice cream night in July. Do ya think that could work?



Allison said...

I would go with cake and ice cream night! That sounds fun. The Aquatic center does rent out to non-members but its pricey.

Laura said...

I absolutely love the pictures of Colton! He did really well for you!