Friday, April 2, 2010

Tour of the New School

Hollywood Minute

Neal McDonough was fired from the new ABC TV series "Scoundrels" for refusing to have heated sex in one scene. He reported that it was against his beliefs and the show knew this before they hired him. I applaud any actor that stands up for good moral principles.

It's ashame that most networks and movie writers feel their production won't be a success unless there are heated sex scenes especially with couples that are not married to each other.  The language is even worse!  I'm waiting for the "F" bomb to make it's way to primetime television.  When I was little if a movie was on a network, they beeped out the fowl language.  Now, it just rolls off without any beeps or voice overs.  Nothing is left to the imagination anymore and it's too bad.  But for those actors/actresses that say enough is enough, me and my family thank you very much.  Thank goodness for children movies because that's pretty much all Katie watches at night before she goes to bed.  We're just afraid that we'll flip over to a show that will slip out a bad word and there's just so much Animal Planet a person can handle.

Katie Story
I can not believe I forgot to post this story yesterday.  While making the sugar cookies the other day, I let Katie do the cutting out and hand the cookie to me, so I can place it on the cookie sheet.  Well, Katie came up with an excellent idea.  {her imagination is amazing}  She suggested that we pretend we were doing a cooking show.  She'd say, "camera!"  This meant, we were on live.  "We're back and me and my mom are making Easter egg cookies."  she'd announce.  "What you do first is let your mom roll out the cookie dough.  You take your cookie cutter and cut out your cookie and give it to your mom.  She'll put it on the cookie sheet.  Once the sheet is full of cookies, your mom will put it in the hot oven."  She continued.  I got so tickled.  If I had to wash something off or go get something, she'd yell out "cut!"  She told me, mom when you come back or get done, we'll pretend that we are back on.  This went on the whole time we were baking.  So funny!

Katie's New School
Well, we went to Katie's assessment today at her new school.  It was basically a placement evaluation of her learning skills.  What does she know?  What are her strengths and weaknesses?  The "Reading Coach" took Katie off for the evaluation.  I was curious as to what she had to report, but she didn't say much.  She told me what I already knew.  That Katie has some trouble with letter sounds.  I agreed with her and explained that her class is still working on them.  She wants me to work with her this Summer.  Katie has the Eric Carle books, well the teacher wants me to practice with Katie using those books because they are repetitive and it's a little easier to remember.

The teacher took us on a school tour.  Katie was so excited because she wanted to in ALL the classrooms, which were a lot.  Every room has it's own theme and I couldn't get over how large these rooms were.  The school is shaped into a circle.  So, if you walk the circle, it's a half a mile.  The cool thing about the playground is it is inside the circle.  Basically, the school looks like a very large donut.  We got familiar with the Library, cafeteria, and P.E. gym.  They also have an Outdoor Learning Center, which is more for natural science.  Every classroom has computers and Smartboards, which looks like a large projector screen.  We got to see one being used, pretty neat.  Also, I was so excited to hear that Katie will be exposed to music this Fall.  I think that is wonderful!  We got tickled because when the teacher opened a classroom door for us to look in it, the class was in session.  A little boy popped his head up, glanced at Katie and said, "hey, I know her!"  He looked familiar, but I couldn't tell you his name.  He's probably in Katie's Sunday School class because they have the 4 & 5 year olds put in one class.  We had a hard time getting her out of the class, she just thought she'd make herself at home.  We kept asking her if she liked her school and she reassured us that she did.   

On the way home, Doug started the "do you think we're doing the right thing?  Or should we keep Katie at Covenant?"  Him asking that question, got me to second guessing.  Are we doing the right thing for Katie?  Ugh.  Later, he said he thought it was the right move.  I sure hope so. 

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