Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Answered Prayers

Thank you so much for the well needed prayers for the little girl on the left, Abby. These photos are before and after the surgery, she underwent yesterday. I'm sure it will take some time to see real results in the reconstruction. I can see a difference just looking at these photos. According to her Grandma, the surgery was a great success and Abby seems to be doing well. She woke up this morning wanted to eat something. Poor sweetheart, had her scalp completely pulled forward in order to perform the surgery. I'm not displaying any of the other photos, to spare the faint at heart. From the photos I saw, she was cut from ear to ear. God's hands are protecting this little miracle. Her family and I thank you again for the many many prayers. As soon as I hear anything else, I will pass it along to you.

I spoke to my Mother this morning and she is doing great! According to Maryann, Mom ended up having more than one place on her back. Luckily, they caught it and fixed it as well. When I talked to Mom today, she said she feels great and she could tell a world of difference. She is up walking! I ask her if she was up dancing around praising God. She said she wanted to, but the doctor told her to take it easy for a few days. Tehe! We have all been so worried about her and we just thank and praise the Dear Lord above that she is healed. Thank you all for the many many prayers! God Bless You!

As for me, I'm doing a little better each passing day. I'm still doing things (lots and lots of things) to take my mind off of the baby. There are moments, like talking to my Mom or Dad, when I break down and cry. I think I cry because I'm so blessed to be surrounded by so many people who love me and care about me. I just thank God every day for the love I feel from all of my family and friends. Thank You! Doug went back to work today, which was a good thing. He needs to get his mind off of me and the baby as well. He hasn't expressed his disappointment to me because that's not the type of person he is, but I'm sure he is grieving in his own way. Thank you for the prayers and please continue to pray for us.

I got online last night because I think it would be a good idea for Doug, Katie and myself to get away for a day or mini trip. We won't go any where any time soon. We'll have to talk about it this weekend and see what we can do. The two places, I would be interested in going is Chattanooga & Opryland. In the month of October, the Tennessee Aquarium are ready for Halloween "Thrill, Gill and Chills" special event. In the description, they mention that during specific times there will be mermaid dressed and other costume divers feeding the sea creatures. I know Katie would freak out if she saw a real mermaid feeding the sea creatures at the aquarium. I also would love to see Katie's face when she sees the lights at the Opryland Hotel. I think she would be too young to understand the different shows, but I would like to see the Light Show at the main fountains inside the hotel. The Light Shows are great! Plus, Santa is suppose to be inside the hotel ready for children to sit on his knee and have pictures made. During a specific time of the month of December, there will be a craft show. I would love to have the chance to go to the craft show. I might get back online and see if there are other places that would be fun to go.

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