Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Are You Ready For Halloween?

I think we're ready for Halloween. It's nearly midnight and I'm finally taking a rest before I go to bed. Katie and I went to Walmart for some last minute Halloween treats. Katie loves gummies and I found a box of Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang packs of gummies with 100% vitamin C. With all the sickness going around, I thought it would be a good idea to get these for Katiebug. I've been giving her Flintstones Vitamins with Immunity Support. I hope this will help her from getting most of the bugs this Winter. As soon as we got back home, I put the final touch outside by hanging spider webs. I've got them all strung around the porch, ready to welcome all of our little goblins. Before I sat down for Supper, I baked a couple dozen Ghostly Cupcakes with sugar sprinkles. I filled up all the trick or treat bags with all kinds of goodies (gummies, M&Ms, Reeses, Whoopers, Hersheys Milk Chocolate, Sweet Tarts, Halloween Stickers and Smarties). I tried to get Katie to help me stuff the bags, but she either wanted to play with the candy or eat it. When the cupcakes came out of the oven to cool off, she kept thinking they were pancakes. Poor child! She's never had a cupcake, but she will tomorrow. I sent her and her Daddy to bed, while I finished decorating the cupcakes. I put Doug some aside to take to work. I think the guys around his cubical would like an after lunch dessert, unless it's Jason and then it will be as soon as he gets to work. tehe!

My Mom had another shot in her back today to help her with her walking. As you may know she had one of these shots a few weeks ago and it seemed to help. Unfortunately, the pain relief from the shot didn't last very long. We are hopeful this shot will do the trick. She is very discouraged about the whole thing. I don't know how she's doing tonight because when I called Dad at 5:00, she had not come out. I called their house around 7:45 and no one answered, so I'm guessing they hadn't come home yet. I got too wrapped up tonight to call again, so I will call in the morning to check on her. I plan to go over tomorrow afternoon to visit a little bit. I know they would want to see Katie in her costume and I thought I would take some cupcakes. I plan to take a few pictures of Katie tomorrow with her in her costume and the Fall Festival. Maryann is suppose to come over before we leave for the festival to visit and see Katie in her Snow White Costume. Millard and Peggy are coming over after work for Supper and to go with us to the festival. I think Katie will have a good time.

Hope ya'll have a Safe and Spooktacular Halloween!

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