Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Doctor Visit

Yesterday, I went to my 2 week doctor visit since we lost the baby. I believe this was one of the hardest things I had to do. It wasn't so hard sitting in the waiting room as it was actually walking back to my doctor's examining room. While waiting, I met a lady that was 5 months pregnant. Her and her family were there to find out the sex of the baby. Of course, she felt bad because I had lost my baby, but she understood. She had a miscarriage a year ago and she asked if this was my 2 week appointment after the loss. "Yeah," I answered. She went on to tell me that the 2 week appointment was the hardest thing for her because everyone around her was happy and pregnant. Like I said, I wasn't sad because I was surrounded by pregnant women. When the nurse called me back to get my file, she thought I was still pregnant because it wasn't noted in the file. She was wanting me to pay one of my installments to go towards my deductible as an OB patient. I asked her if I still had to pay for it since I no longer was pregnant. Of course, she felt terrible. She apologized and explained that she didn't know because it wasn't noted. She asked me to tell Dr. Keller's nurse that I was no longer an OB patient and to take me off the list. Wow! I guess saying that makes it so official and so depressing. I tried to be brave and strong telling her what the other nurse said. They were all very sweet and quickly took me in an examining room to cry and get a little self control. Dr. Keller was nice enough to sit and listen to me. It seemed as if he took all the time in world with me and was able to answer all my questions. He seemed to think from the way things appeared the miscarriage was brought on by the baby not developing enough chromosomes. He said the sack was fully developed, but the egg wasn't completely fertilized. He said this was a rare occurrence and more than likely the next time we get pregnant it won't happen again. I explained to him that Doug and I haven't been preventing this for about a year now and we would like to pursue trying to get pregnant. He advised waiting another 6-8 weeks before trying again. He said that normally give yourself about a year, but since we've been trying for a year to give ourselves another 6 months. If by chance nothing is happening, he said when we are ready to call him up and he would get the paper work ready to send us back to the ART Program. I really hope we won't have to go through all that again. You talk about STRESSFUL! I went on to tell him how it is so easy to blame myself. I asked him if there was anything I could have done to help prevent this from happening. For anyone whose been through this type of HELL before, you would do anything to avoid any chances of it happening again. "No," he answered. I guess he felt comfortable enough to share with me his personal horror stories. He assured me that he has never been in my shoes, personally, but he has been in Doug's shoes. He and his wife has had a total of 14 miscarriages. I told him this one miscarriage has been awful, I can't imagine (nor would I want to) having 13 more losses. How awful! He went on to tell me that he felt terrible for his wife because he's a doctor and couldn't do anything about it. I've had several older women ask me why I didn't have a DNC. I asked Dr. Keller and he said it was because I wasn't that far along and that I probably could have handled the cramping a lot better than I would have say at 3 months PG or so. He basically leaves it up to the patient if they want a DNC done. He went on to say that if I was 7 weeks or so along, he would have recommended the DNC, but I did fine. He assured me that the next time we get pregnant, I more than likely will not be considered a high risk patient.

I dropped Katie off at Peggy's house, while I went for my doctor's appointment. She always has such a good time at her Grandma Peggy's house. It was too cold and wet outside, so they stayed inside watching movies and playing. Peggy has a hard time getting Katie to take naps during the day, needless to say she didn't have one. After my appointment, I stopped off at Target for a little while and grabbed some chicken from KFC for Supper. By the time I got back to Peggy and Millard's, Katie was beginning to show signs of not having a nap. She was a little terror! She was so mean to Millard and Peggy. I don't think Millard got to spend much time with her because she was being so bad and wouldn't have much to do with anyone, if she couldn't get her way. Millard and Peggy was nice enough to have us stay for Supper. I was still upset, so it was nice to be around someone who love you. Soon after Supper dishes, I packed us up and I had to get Katie out of there before she broke something. Katie was so tired! She was asleep before I got on the main road. It was still pretty early when we got home, 6:30, so I tried keeping her up. I finally gave up because she went over to her little chair, laid her head in it and fell asleep. As easy as I could, I changed her clothes and diaper. By the time, I took out her hair bow and rubber band, she was ready to get up. I tried rocking her in the chair, but Doug called and Katie wanted to get off of my lap. After awhile, she began to get cranky again. To bed she went and this time to stay. While I was on the phone with Maryann, she tried her best to sneak out of her bedroom. Ugh! I would have to take her back to bed and tuck her in again. This went on for close to 2 1/2 hours until I didn't hear a sound from her close to 9:30. I checked on her before I went to bed, around 10:30 and she was out like a light. It was nice to watch horror movies last night until about 1:30 a.m. tehe! Normally, I don't get to watch spooky movies because Katie's too young and Doug doesn't like them. I got to watch "Scream" and "The Omen II." I'm kind of surprised I didn't have nightmares after watching "The Omen II." I only have nightmares after watching movies that really could happen and we all know there is such of a thing as the Antichrist. I guess my conscience was clear by not having nightmares.

Today is laundry day, since we are under a water restriction. We can only use excessive amounts of water (laundry, washing cars & watering lawn) two days out of the week. Our days are Tuesday and Friday. Yes, I know it's not Tuesday, but I wasn't home yesterday to wash clothes. We've got a huge pile of clothes from last Thursday that needs to be washed because we were gone to TN last Friday. The temperature is staying in the upper 50s, lower 60s most of the day and gloomy. They are predicting another chance for rain today as well, which is much needed. It rained most of the day yesterday, but it was a misty rain and not a good down pour. I think the weatherman said we got a total of less than an inch of rain in our area. I've been kind of concerned about all the sickness going around - staph infection, bronchitis and croup that I'm afraid to get Katie out unless absolutely necessary. I never realized how contagious Staph was until a nurse in our Sunday School class was telling us about it. Wow! She said most doctors misdiagnose because the first signs of Staph looks like a Brown Recluse Spider bite (with the brown spot in the center of the bite). When the Staph spreads that's when the doctor's diagnosis includes Staph Infection. A dear friend of ours, Sheila, told us the other day that her son, Rusty, got a spider bite and later developed a Staph Infection (MIRSA). It's been 4 weeks and he has it in 5 different areas on his body including his nose. She said he is miserable. The nurse in our class, Nina, asked if the doctor gave him something (oil like medicine) to put on a Quitip and rub around the inside of his nose. "No," Sheila responded with concern on her face. Nina said unless he gets this medicine to kill the Staph in his nose, he will be a carrier and he will have several different occurrences with Staph until he kills it out of his nose. She added that he must clean after himself, so his wife doesn't catch it from him. For instance, he must clean out the bathroom completely until his is over it. She said it is best to have him use a separate bathroom until he is over it and then clean out the bathroom with Clorox. After hearing this from her, every little bug bite Katie has on her body I watch it closely.

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Laura said...

Thanks for sharing your story. It is so hard to go back, but it sounds like you have a great doctor. Hang in there! We're still praying for you!