Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Special Prayer Requests

Attention all Prayer Warriors! I need your help. Of course, there are needs every where, but locally (our church family) request your personal prayers.

Emily (church member) has been fighting a terrible disease for quite some time. So long that I can't remember what exactly caused this domino effect with her poor body. She has been waiting for so long for a lung transplant. Her left lung has completely gone cu put. She has had several opportunities to get a transplant, but walls would continue to be put in her path. If she wasn't sick, she would receive a donor lung that was too large for her. It has been very trying, but her faith remains and her hopes are high. This past Sunday as she was leaving the church building, the good lung began to collapse. As she puts it, "thankfully it only went down 10%." It seems as if her good lung is wearing out as well. She is a Mother of a young daughter and loving Wife. She and her family would appreciate it if you would please remember her in your prayers.

Abby is 4 1/2 years old with a tumor in her eyebrow bone. Thankfully, it is benign and is growing away from her brain. According to her Grandmother, a couple of years ago they fixed it temporarily. As it grows the tumor is putting pressure on the optic nerve and now they are planning to complete it by removing the eyebrow bone. She will undergo reconstructive surgery of the eyebrow bone by using pieces of bone from her skull. I know her family have got to be going out of their mind. Plus, Abby's Mom is expecting a baby in December. Her Grandma request that you please remember this family in your prayers.

Thank You So Much! God Bless!

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