Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Our Loss

This morning, I received a call from Dr. Keller pretty much confirming that we have lost our baby. Yeah, I may have been only 5 weeks pregnant, but there was a life growing inside of me and I was aware of it for a short time. Dr. Keller didn't give us a reason for the miscarriage, but I wasn't really looking for the how or why right now. He wants me to go ahead and keep my appointment in a couple of weeks. He wants to check me out and talk with me about future plans for another pregnancy. Doug and I agreed that we would like to continue to try to conceive again. We are doing about as good as can be expected. We know this was the Lord's will and even though I don't know the purpose right now, I feel that God may want me to use this experience in order to be His vessel. Believe me the Devil has tried his best to get me in the pit. It's easy to just curl up and drown in my sorrow. Whenever I sit down and rest for a moment, the Devil steps in and begins to whisper in my ear the famous "what if" or "it's because" and don't forget the "why did God do this to us?" The Devil wants every opportunity to get me going and begin blaming someone or something. I don't blame anyone or anything and I know their is a reason. The Lord has kept me strong thus far. I'm trying my humanly best not to breakdown my faith and disappoint Him. One way is to stay busy and pray a lot to Him. Doug stayed home from work and we all three had a day together. I couldn't just sit around thinking about what has just happened to us over the weekend. I had to do something, so we cleaned and decorated the house for Fall. Katie is such a good helper! She helped me strip beds, wash clothes, dust furniture, vacuum floors, put things away and put out the Halloween stuff. She loves the heads - Frankenstein & Werewolf. Both heads have sensors that when they are set off, they begin to sing songs "I'm a boogey man" and "Whose at my door?" We later got out to get some groceries. I want to thank all of you for the many needed prayers. I ask that you please continue to remember us during this tough time.

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