Sunday, October 28, 2007

Katie's First Hair Cut

I needed a hair cut so bad. I was so bad I could have audition for "The Shaggy Dog." We have pictures next weekend, so I wanted Katie and myself to look presentable. Saturday, Doug went with me to watch Katie while I got my hair cut. At first I didn't think Katie getting her hair cut was going to happen. Theresa, hair dresser, wanted to see if Katie would sit on the booster chair, well that wasn't going to happen. She began climbing me like a monkey climbing up a tree. Alright! I let her sit in my lap and she seemed to calm down until Theresa came at her with the apron. Theresa let her look at it and talked to her, trying to get Katie to warm up to her. Nope! Wasn't going to happen. Katie kept pushing the apron away from her. I asked Katie if I could put the apron on her and she seemed okay with it. Then came the comb and scissors! Theresa tried to just comb her hair, but she kept looking her and Katie didn't want Theresa touching her. She kept pulling away from her and then she began crying. I brought some smarties candies for her to eat while getting her hair cut, but she didn't want them. Theresa keeps Dum-Dum suckers, so we got her one and she settled down real quick. She ate two suckers after everything was said and done. We have more pictures on our photosite, check it out.

Tonight, we were invited to a fish fry at Sue and Tim's house. I guess we got there sometime after 1:00 and got home a little after 7:30. We tried to get Katie to take a nap on the way over there, but she was too excited. She was doing everything to stay awake. She was getting a little cranky at Sue's, so I put her up on the couch. All she had to do was beg Susan to hold her. I told Katie she had to stay on Susan's lap or hit the couch. She would stay on Sue's lap for a little bit and then she would start squirming off her lap. I finally gave up because she stopped being so cranky for a while. Of course, I had to stay on top of Katie most of the time. Ugh! She has to investigate everything. This includes testing me to see if she can touch something or not and then she has to see if when I say no, I really mean it. It was good to see everyone and we had a real good visit.

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