Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Picture Day

Today was picture day for Katiebug. Since it was nice and cool early this morning, I thought it would be a good opportunity to get Katie dressed up and take a few Fallish pictures. Of course, she wouldn't cooperate with me. I would ask her to look at me and say "cheese." She would say "cheese" all right, it's the looking at Mommy part she couldn't get down pat. She was entirely too involved looking at other things instead of me. I tried bribes, giving her the mean Mommy tone in my voice, and resorted to begging. It's too bad she doesn't take good pictures like she did when she was an infant. Use to, I could just say "boo" or make a funny face and she would look at me and start laughing. Now she's Miss Priss the independent, until she wants something. Oh well, it's just one of the many things to come. Right? I wanted to add my slide show on this blog, but for so some reason the site I normally use is down. I'm just displaying a few of my better shots. You will have to visit our photosite to see the rest, I'm afraid. Sorry!

Thus far, Katie loves her Halloween/Fall decorations all throughout the house. She is so fascinated with witches and pumpkins. Every time when we are out and about and she sees a witch or pumpkin, she immediately points it out and demands that I see it as well. She will continue to ask me if I see the pumpkin or witch. She'll ask, "Mommy, pumpkin see it? See it? Pumpkin Mommy, see it?" This will go on until I confirm to her that "yes, I saw the pumpkin." As soon as I respond, she'll grin and is content until the next pumpkin or witch we encounter. We've been watching the new "Miss Spider" Halloween movie I got her recently. Watching it kind of puts me in the Fall spirit. I'm ready for cool days and long walks in the forest with a light jacket, which brings back memories for me. When I was young, living at home, one thing we always did, especially around the Fall months, was take a long walk in the woods. Mom and I or my sisters, would talk and talk about anything and everything. How we would all come together as a family and gather the Winter supply of wood for our fireplace and stove. It was a lot of hard work, but it was a way to bring us together and have great times. After working hard, we'd gather around the Supper table (we would have two large tables surrounded by people) full of food. We would tell stories and laugh while eating our meal. When all of us girls would finish the Supper dishes, we would gather around the table once again and play games until it was time for them to go home. The men would recline around the TV and watch a football game or two. It's too bad our family has gotten so large that it's hard for all of us to take those long walks in the woods on a cool Fall day and just talk about anything. Maybe when we move into our other home, some day, we might have a small patch of woods for Katie and me to walk in and make our own memories.

After great deliberation, it's official! Katie will be dressing up as Snow White for Halloween. The Snow White outfit she wore at her birthday has just about cu put. I purchased another full size dress from WalMart not too long ago, but it's entirely too big on her. In fact when I bought it, it said on the tag for children 3+. I didn't think anything of it because the other SW outfit was for 3+. If I had noticed the tag inside the dress I would have had some clear understanding because it said for sizes 4-6. It maybe a little big, but she still loves it and wears it any chance she can. There are days when she must wear it during nap time. Yes, I've given in. I couldn't handle the fussing every nap time; however, I do draw a line when it comes to bed time. I just don't feel comfortable with her sleeping in this big dress all night. I fear, she might get strangled or something. Some of you may know how I love shopping at the Disney store. I've always been a Disney fan at heart and always will. Anyway, I've been watching their Princess costume gowns (so pretty) and they finally put them on sale for a more reasonable price (online only). I debated between "Belle," "Cinderella," and "Snow White." I had Katie look at the dresses online and she really liked the "Belle" and "Snow White." We've got more stuff for "Snow White" than "Belle" (accessories) that I thought it would be better to get the SW. The best part about it is I was able to purchase a 2-3T. Woo Hoo! I just bought a pair of black patent leather Mary Jane shoes, which would look great with the dress. Peggy bought her a red hair bow not too long ago to go with one of her outfits. It seems to all work out perfectly. We should get the dress in another week. Susan suggested that I not show Katie the dress until Halloween night because how much she loves to dress up. Susan's right and I will try my best to not show her the gown, but some of you know how I am. It's funny the girl is such a girly girl. She will go as far as grabbing a pillow case or silky security blanket, wrap it around her waist and tell us she is dressed up. If the other big SW dress survives Katie's dress up days until next Halloween, then can you guess what she will be next year for Halloween? It would be great if it survives because then I won't have to buy another costume. By then, she'll begin to understand how this all works and will want to be something else. That will be my luck!

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Laura said...

I'm glad Katie can wear her Halloween shirts. It's been so hot here, that Alise hasn't been able to wear hers yet and I'm afraid with the weather she never will be!! I think Katie will make a gorgeous little Snow White!