Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Millard's Company Picnic

Saturday was Millard's Company Picnic. I wasn't feeling all that great, but I think everyone else had a great time. They had a live band playing while you ate barbeque from "Dreamland." They had the blow up activities for the kids. I was glad to see that they had the jumping house again this year. As you can tell from the picture, Katie loved the jumping house. The only problem was the jumping house was connected to a tall climbing mountain in order to slide down the other side. We did pretty good about keeping Katie just in the jumping house, but she finally had to check the other side out too. Of course, she couldn't make it up the climbing mountain to go down the slide. She was so mad because she couldn't make it up there like the rest of the kids, but she tried so hard. Poor baby! Millard and Peggy missed the Bingo because one document said one time and another document said another. They seemed a little upset. tehe! Later, we all met up at our house and visited. We ate pizza and watched Alabama get stomped.

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