Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hey Ya'll!

Well, we've finished putting up all the Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations. Yes, I like to put them up all at once that way I can slowly take them down. Katie is having a ball with the season. We bought two heads, Werewolf & Frankenstein, years ago during a after Halloween sale at WalMart. They have been one of the best holiday purchases. We've gotten more fun from these heads, which are sensored. Katie just loves them both. All day, every day, she'll ask one of us to play them both. Another problem we have is keeping her from turning on the inflatables every time you turn around. There is no telling what our power bill will be this month. I got Katie's Halloween costume in the mail Friday and it is adorable. If you don't already know, she will be dressing up as Snow White. I didn't purchase the accessories to go with the costume, like the hair band, wand and shoes. I just bought a pair of black patent leather shoes with little flowers that I think will go perfect. Katie already has a red hair bow, so I'll just pull her hair up. I put the costume away in her closet, so she couldn't see it.

Some cousins of my Dad's came to town this past week to visit. I had never met them until last Thursday. They are close to Mom and Dad's age and live in FL. They were really nice people and Katie took up with the lady, Kitty. Kitty heard about our loss and talked to me about her miscarriages. Wow! She said she had 14 miscarriages in her life, but she has two children. It's been a struggle getting through this one, I can't imagine going this 14 times. Talk about testing her faith! It would be so hard. I did take a couple of pictures, but I don't have them downloaded at this time. As soon as I do, I'll post them for you to see Gordon and Kitty.

A new Target Store opened up close by here, so Katie and I freshened up and went shopping. I haven't been to Hobby Lobby in I don't know how long, we went there first and spent too much time and money. tehe! It's bad when your two year old tells you, she's ready to go. I found a Christmas tree, perfect for Katie's room. It's one of those 60's looking silver tinsel type mini Christmas Trees. I got a few lime green & bright pink ornaments to go on it. I'm searching for a baby Jesus that a little girl can tell who it is. The baby Jesus' I've found are either clear or gold plastic. I like the Jesus ornaments that the Oriental Trading sells, but I don't want to buy a dozen just to get one. It's so nice to not have to drive more than an hour away to go to the nearest Target. This Target isn't a Super Center, but it's still nice. While I was in line to check out, I was talking to the lady behind me. She said she had waited 20 years to get a Target in her town. She was originally from Minnesota. I told her, I guess you have been waiting a long time because that's the stores they have up North. She was telling me how she hates going to WalMart.

Doug and I watched a cute movie, "Evan Almighty." I wasn't too sure about this movie when he rented it because I didn't like "Bruce Almighty." I was hoping this movie would be a whole lot better than "Bruce Almighty." By all means, "Evan Almighty" doesn't come close to "Rush Hour 3" as being the funniest movie this year, but it was funny. I recommend it, plus you can watch it around children.

Saturday, Katie and I visited my Mom. She is still improving, but has to take it easy. Susan and Leslie were there and while Les watched Katie for me, Sue and I helped Mom switch out her Summer and Winter clothes. We made Chicken Salad for lunch and had M & Ms for dessert. I think Katie got on a sugar high from the M & Ms. Leslie told me she let Katie play in Pat's big shop. The vehicles were gone, so she had a large room to play in. Leslie said Katie looked around and said "cool." Stunned, Leslie asked her when she started using that word. Les told me Katie stopped, looked at her and said "that's one of my new sayings." I couldn't hardly believe what Leslie was telling me, but I guess Katie has heard me telling people "that's one of her new sayings." I just wished I could have heard her say it. These days, you never know what's going to come out of her mouth. It's amazing the words or sayings she picks up.

Today was my turn to be with the two years old at church, which is Katie's room. Katie gets in more trouble with her climbing. She climbs everything and doesn't have a fear in the world. I've noticed something about her today, which made my Motherly heart smile. I think Katie is going to be a good nurturing person. Why I say that is because a little boy, her age, got hurt from another little boy. The hurt little boy's name is Lane. A little later, Lane was playing with his car by himself and Katie went up to him and apparently asked if he was okay because I heard Lane tell her that he got hurt. She started patting him on the back and laid her head on his shoulder. I heard him say, "I'm okay." Lane is a cute little boy with blonde blonde hair and blue eyes, so if Katie was flirting a little she's got good taste. Out of the class of approximately 13 children, Lane is a sweetheart. I've never had any trouble out of him.

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