Monday, October 8, 2007

"Good Job"

I don't think I've mentioned this story before, so here it goes. Katie's new saying is "Good Job." I try to praise her as much as possible, well apparently I'm teaching her something I wasn't intending. Now when you do something special, she'll cheer you. When I finish coloring my picture, she'll say "good job, Mommy" along with clapping and cheering. She helped Peggy put up Halloween clings on her front storm door. When they finished, Katie told Peggy she did a great job. Another thing we've noticed is how she is starting her English so proper by saying "yes." Normally, we say yeah for "yes," but not baby girl. You ask her a question and she'll say "yes." I don't believe she learned this from us. I really don't know who she picked this up. She is such a priss.

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