Friday, July 18, 2008

The Cake

Shoo! I finally got the cake done. We might have to go with Walmart for future birthday parties. LOL! I ended up putting 2 1/2 containers of fluffy white icing on this butterfly cake. Can you say major sugar rush? I had to put a lot of icing because there was a lot of cut pieces of cake and I tried not to get the cake mixed up in the white icing. Difficult! The hardest part was tracing out the butterfly. Since Katie loves the color pink, I thought it would be cute to outline the cake with pink icing. Ha! Ha! What a stupid move on my part! I couldn't get my hand just right to outline it correctly. The icing would either get too thick on spots or didn't get enough icing in spots. Ugh! All I could do was laugh and think to myself - WHAT AM I DOING? I told Doug, "now I know why I bought so much white icing". According to the directions, it suggested using fruit roll ups for the antennas. I couldn't get my antennas to straighten up. Oh well! We'll just have to live with it. Overall, I didn't think the cake was too bad. I was afraid that I would have to run to Walmart before it was said and done to get a replacement cake. lol. I was trying to think how long ago, I've made a cake like this. If I had to guess it's been 8-9 years ago. I've piped a 101 Dalmatian puppy cake for my nephew's birthday and cut up an Easter bunny head for the nieces and nephews when they were little. I think I remember now why I haven't made any since then. lol.

Katie and I have been cleaning and decorating all day today. She has been such a great help! She is so excited! I put out the Fancy Nancy decorations and she began squealing with joy. I couldn't get her to take a nap for anything today because she was so excited. I finally gave up on the nap, got her dressed and we went to the Nursing Home to visit Mom. I promised Mom that I would bring her by the day before her birthday party. We had a very good visit. She was the same ol' Mom, talking and laughing. Katie was showing out, which kept Mom laughing. I felt bad for her because she wanted to be at the party tomorrow. I told her that we would take plenty of pictures and save her a piece of cake.


Laura said...

Oh, Mirya!! The cake looks wonderful!!! You did such a GREAT job! I wish we all could have a piece!

Can your mom not leave the nursing home to come to the party? Could one of your sister bring her over?

Give katie-bug a kiss for us. Wish we could be there!

The Thorsrud Family said...


thekeyes said...

the cake looks so good. Nice job on that. Hope katie has a wonderful birthday party and likes the books we sent her!