Thursday, July 24, 2008

Silly Katie

Hear No Evil!

See No Evil!

Speak No Evil!

I had the camera ready to download some new pictures from this morning. Katie was asking me what I was doing. I explained to her what I was about to do. She asked me, if I would take a silly picture of her. I told her that I would. She began making silly faces and the more I showed her the preview, the more she would create new funny, silly faces. I hope you can get a chuckle out of them. She is such a little clown.

We go outside for a little bit in the back yard, so Katie could play with her play set. She loves it! Would you believe the mosquitoes were out this morning ready to attack? Yes, I'm griping about the *@!# mosquitoes again. I fired up the tiki torches, but I'm afraid it was too late. We were only out there for 10 minutes before my legs felt like they were on fire because of all the bites. Ugh! I didn't see a bite on Katie, but we didn't stay long because I was afraid she would get ate up. Evelyn was at it early again this morning, so she came over and we talked and talked. Please keep her daughter, Angela, in your prayers. As you remember, Evelyn's husband passed away last May and Angela isn't taking his death well at all. Evelyn's afraid Angela is going into a deep depression because of it. Angela symptoms are not wanting to get out of the house, going to church or getting around other people. Evelyn discussed this problem with Angela and asked her to go to a doctor about it. Hopefully, they can put her on some anti-depressants if it will help her. Angela said she would it.

Check out the new rails, PaPa Millard and Daddy installed this week.

She sits so lady like. Ugh!

Because of the bug bites, we went inside and played a game. She really likes this Cinderella Board Game. Of course, I have to help her count the spaces, but she knows what color card she's suppose to pick up. She does have to push Cinderella's shoes more times than instructed, but oh well, she's only 3 years old. Who cares?


The Thorsrud Family said...

that game looks like fun! Maddie is starting to get her colors...I bet this would help huh? Katie is a cutie pie. Tell her hi! Take care and let us know what happens! Love you all!

The Thorsrud Family said...

oh, btw! I don't think you count down for Christmas is a little much. I LOVE Christmas! I am already Christmas shopping!

The Mason Bunch said...

Okay Liz, I'm stomped. What does BTW stayed for? Please let me know because I'm lost.

Laura said...

BTW means "by the way" in blog language.

Loved the silly pics of Katie! She just cracks me up! Oh, and I totally understand about the "lady like sitting." I'm trying to teach Alise to "keep her dress down." Ugh! That's all I need is for my daughter to be known to not keep her dress down!!

The Thorsrud Family said...

that is new age techno style for BY THE WAY. Get with the times Mirya! HAHA!

Allison said...

Cute photos of Katie. Are you guys feeling better?

Sister Sandy said...

Katie's new game sounds like a revision of "Candyland" Cute! I love your "Christmas count down", MI, that is so you! Enjoying today, looking forward to tomorrow. I'd say that is a pretty positive attitude! Have a nice day. Love, Sister Sandy

thekeyes said...

Hi Mi,
Okay i really don't know if this will help or not but It's an old wise tales or home remedy or whatever in Ky and i guess it wouldn't hurt if you tried it. I always heard taht if you took more garlic that the bgs would leave you alone. Maybe google it. It might be a load of crap lol.. but people always said that and they would buy garlic tablets and what not. Katie is a cutiebug! I laughed at your not knowing BTW.. I get text messages and don't know what they mean sometimes cause everything is shortened. lol