Monday, July 7, 2008

Movies In Review

Y'all know I love my husband. Right? He is my other half and I love him dearly. He has good tastes in clothes, food, and pretty good instinct about most things. When it comes to picking out a good movie, can be a little questionable. This past week, Doug rented two awful movies - "10,000 BC" and "Vantage Point". He thought it would be neat to watch a movie based on prehistoric dinosaurs. We really didn't know what to expect, but this movie went on and on. What was so bad is that the Sabertooth Tiger was 1,000 times larger than the caveman. Unrealistic!

Now, I love Denise Quad just like the next person, but this movie was something else. It should have been called every one's point of view plus. After the 5th flash back, Doug and I just looked at each other and laughed. I think Doug was getting sick of me say "oh my gosh, not again". If you have ever seen this movie or plan to see "Vantage Point", you'll know exactly what I mean.

Our Day
I caught up with our laundry today. You know Allison, that job you don't care for. Tehe! I don't mind laundry, it's washing dishes I don't like. We have a dish washer, it's just a dinosaur and doesn't clean our dishes very good. I do it the old fashion way, hand and dish cloth. Yuck!

I playing dolls with Katie for a little bit before we left to do our errands. Katie loves her Barbies. If you are still looking for ideas for Katie's birthday. She might like some Barbie accessories like clothes or Barbie furnishings. She feels that Barbie should change her clothes about as many times as Katie would like her clothes changed during the day. LOL!

I finally got an appointment with Portrait Innovations on Katie's birthday pictures. I'm excited! I just hope Katie will cooperate with them. You know how she has her moods. If she doesn't want to do something, she's not going to do it. I've got a few outfits picked out for her to wear. She may not wear all of them, while we are there, but I want to be prepared. I love the black, white & fuchsia Smartie Britches outfit on her. It's not her favorite outfit, but it's mine.

Katie had some Library books that were due back today. As soon as I mentioned us going to the Library, Katie grabbed her dolls and was ready to go. She picked 3 books that she really wanted to read. I grabbed one book about visiting the Dentist. I want to prepare Katie before she gets her teeth checked for the first time. I'm hoping this book might help. I also found a book of manner for her to read. I found a biography on Laura Ingalls Wilder. Did you ever watch "The Little House On The Prairie"? I loved the television series and I still have the series of books written by L.I. Wilder. I thought it would be interesting to read about Ms. Wilder's life in the eyes of her children.

Rewards Jar
I had to let y'all know that Katie earned every rock in her jar this past weekend. Now, we've got to find a time that would be best to go to "Air It Out" aka Jumper House. Tehe! They are only open certain times of the day and certain days of the week. I'm hoping it will encourage her to earn more rocks for her jar in the future. I'm hoping it will help me potty train her.


thekeyes said...

Go Katie for earning every rock! Yeah!

Laura said...

Yeah, Katie!! Way to go!! We are so proud of you!!!

As for the movies, looks like our guys were thinking the same thing!!!

Sister Sandy said...

Yea Katie! You are going to the Jumper House! Keep up the good work on manners and soon you will be going to "Disney World". OH, PLEASE MOMMIE!!!
Mrs. Wilder's Bio is a good one. If you like it you will love the Bio on Ellenor Roseavelt. (Spell check that one for me). Susan has one of my books, really good. "Women of the West". Movies aren't worth watching anymore....READ instead! Love, Sister Sandy