Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Roofing Experience

Doug and I got together and discussed our options with the whole roofing job. We decided to go with the ridge & dimensional shingles, but we were hung up on the color. Doug felt we should stick with the already existed colors, which is like a Terra Cota or if we should dare go with another color. Doug called up Paul to do the work and he met with us here late last night, going over all the details with us.

He told Doug that he and his crew could start first thing in the morning at around 7:00 a.m. I didn't care for that idea because I knew Doug had to work today and I wanted him here. Doug called up his dad and Millard agreed to come babysit for him. Paul told Doug last night that the shingles, he and his crew would all show up at 7:00 this morning. Okay, I got up with Doug and got ready for everyone. Guess what time everything/everyone showed up? Paul and his 5 man crew showed up at approximately 7:40 a.m. Millard was here with me waiting on the roofers. Oh by the way, the shingles didn't show up this morning. I think that would have been an important factor in the equation. Paul couldn't apologize enough for being so late. Bless his heart, he drove up in this oil leaking junker with a flat tire. He said the reason why he was so late is because his tire went flat on him. He said usually he has to fill it up with air every 3 days. You've got to be kiddin' me! LOL!

Of course, Paul was surprised that the shingles were not already here. Next thing I know, he told me that he didn't give the company enough time when he ordered the shingles we wanted. The seller didn't have that particular type of shingle, "Weatherwood". Meanwhile, Paul's worker is tearing off our already existing shingles off of our roof. I found out later that the company was going to have to go to another county to get the shingles. This problem was a little set back, to say the least. The guy would not be able to deliver the shingles until 3:00 p.m. What?

Now, let me back up a little bit. As soon as the roofing crew arrived, they went straight for the roof to begin removing our old shingles (even though the new shingles were not here yet). This was a little unnerving, but I figured that they knew what they were doing. At the time, they thought the delivery man was a little late with the new shingles. At approximately 8:30 a.m., I noticed Paul get in his white car (not the oil leaking, flat tired, junker of a pickup) and left. At one time, he told Millard and I that he may have to go pick up the shingles, so I didn't think anything of it. I took a before picture of the house, color of the old shingles, before they began to strip them off. Since there were so many men with Paul to do this project, I just knew that they would have to be half way through stripping the roof. Right? Millard, Katie and I went outside to take pictures and check everything out. Millard went out first and was talking to one guy, up on the roof. It looked like he was having a quick break. Not thinking anything of it. I was heading over to take a picture of the during project. Something caught my attention. The guy, the only guy up on the roof, said the other members of the crew except for Paul quit. What? I was so shocked because they had just started. I was talking to Millard, I was still in shock, and I kept looking down the street in hope to see Paul coming back with the shingles to finish the job. It seemed like forever before Paul came back. Before he came back, I called and left a message on Doug's phone at work. I didn't leave any details, but that I really needed to talk with him.

When Paul was driving up in the driveway, he had another vehicle follow him in. Unfortunately, it wasn't the shingles. Ugh! The story Paul told Millard and myself was that the guys (in his crew) were not doing their job and he let them go. He had to go to the bank, get some money out for their labor and send them on their way. He added as to why it took him so long to come back was because he went to the employment office to find labor workers to help him finish stripping the roof and throw it away to the dump. He said when he got to the employment office, it had burnt down. (Black Cloud - I'm telling you) I don't know how he found the young boy, he had follow him to our house. I kept Doug up-to-date as he called in for an update. We kept asking ourselves . . . "did we do the right thing?"

It sounded like our friend, Lindley, was ready to have a stroke. He was about to have a stroke because these are the same people that are suppose to do his house as well. Doug told me when he first told Lindley about the black cloud that was obviously hovering over Paul's head, he thought Doug was lying to him. Doug finally told him to call me, if he didn't believe him. Before Doug left to come home this evening, Lindley asked Doug to call him later tonight with his thoughts about the job thus far. Poor Lindley!

Okay, we might be getting some where now that they have 3 guys pulling off the shingles. There might be some hope. I was just hoping that it wouldn't rain tonight. Wouldn't that be a mess? Paul came to the door and let me know that him and the other 2 guys were going to leave for a little while and finish another job some where else. He said that they would be back before 3:00, in order to clean up their mess before the shingles arrived.

While they were gone, I updated Doug and he wanted Paul's phone numbers. He was debating whether to call him or not. Well after I hung up from Doug, I snuck away to Walmart because we needed a few things. When I got back, around 2:30 p.m., I found out that Doug had been talking to Paul's wife and Paul himself. Oh no! This could be bad. He expressed his disappointment with Paul and wanted some questions answered on a few things that he had been hearing about the operation. When Doug was telling me this, I gasped and reminded him that we don't have our roof on yet. I think we should keep all of our opinions to ourselves until the job is complete. Doug wanted to know what the house looked like. I went outside and let him that the front of the house was stripped off, but the back of the house had yet to be touched. Again, did we do the right thing? I was so beside myself that all you could do was laugh. I would laugh and Doug would join in. I'm sorry, but there comes a point that all you can do is laugh about it. Right?

Guess what time the shingles, Paul and his crew showed up this evening? Paul and his new crew of 4 men showed up around 4:05 p.m. and the shingles showed up around 4:30 p.m. I'm beginning to think Paul's watch is set for Mountain Time Zone. Paul told Doug on the phone that his plan was to finish cleaning off the roof, put down the paper for the night and start again the next morning. I have to say that I was a bit surprised. Paul and his crew got their butt in gear and got a lot of work done. I think I know what it was. Paul is a talker and it's very hard to get away from him. He hasn't been able to master multi-tasking yet, so the only thing that's working is his jaw. Millard, Peggy and I came to an understanding that if we don't make any connect with Paul, he might get some work done. Apparently our theory worked! Yay! They were able to get most of the new shingles on the roof before it was quiting time. Doug and I checked out the roofing project real good before they left. I have to say thus far, they seemed to have done a very good job. I'm just hoping that Paul had a black cloud hovering over him all day and tomorrow will be much better.

Are you wondering about his truck with the flat tire? Well, would you believe that he drove it to the closest gas station to fill it up with air. Yeah, when he left our house, he was driving on his rim. I didn't understand that situation at all because he has his air compressor right there. Why didn't he use it to fill up his tire? I don't understand. Paul told Millard and Peggy that he buys $30 tires all the time for that truck because guarantee, he'll have a few nails in his tire before it's said and done. Just standing outside talking to Millard, he said there were 2 or 3 nails in the other tire. Oh me! It's a wonder he doesn't have a wreck.

Paul told Doug that he'd be here at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow to begin the project again. This probably means, he'll be here at 8:00 a.m. I know I'm not waiting up for him anymore. Luckily, Doug will be here to handle any future situations. LOL! Millard's off this week, so he might stop by later tomorrow to see how everything is going.

I'll update you tomorrow on how it went. I'll also post a few pictures as well.


Laura said...

I have NEVER laughed so hard before in my life!!! This was the most HIL-arious story I have ever heard!!!

But seriously, I really hope ya'll get that roof on! (Before we go to the beach in September!!)

Sister Sandy said...

Oh my goodness Mi, can you ever tell a story! I can't wait for chapter 2 on this one! I will be constantly checking for it! Love, Sister Sandy

thekeyes said...

I have to agree with Laura. I don't mean to laugh at your pain but my goodness have you been thru it with that roofer. lol.. Hope it goes on well.

thekeyes said...

I have to agree with Laura. I don't mean to laugh at your pain but my goodness have you been thru it with that roofer. lol.. Hope it goes on well.