Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Katie's Bean Bag

Katie gets a bean bag!

You're so silly

Caught You!

I caught Katie reading a book to her dolls. Notice how nice and tucked in they are with their pillow and blanket. Tehe! She's such a good Mama!

Damaged Electronics Update

We got our satellite hooked up and working. We lost all the movies that we TiVo'd, but we'll just have to start over again. Of course, the internet and router are working again. Finally, the television came back from the repair shop today. Don't ask me about the cost of repairs. Thank goodness for insurance! Ahh! Life is back to normal. Or is it? Come to find out Doug had been trying to get ahold of me this morning. I know at one time, the phone rang once and then nothing. There wasn't even a phone number on our caller ID. I thought it was just a fluke that is until later tonight. We have to run to the phone and answer the phone because it will only ring once. Doug and I had our cell phones out on the counter in case someone has to get a hold of us. Doug and I have been laughing saying it was because of the lightning again. Doug spoke to Peggy and she heard that a few people have had trouble with their land line today. Hopefully that's the problem. Ha! Ha! All you can do is laugh about it!

Potty Training

We had a small set back on the potty training today. I think it's because I mentioned it in yesterday's blog. (tehe!) I know the problem. She is waiting until the last minute to go to the potty and when I ask her, she gets all mad at me. She wants to go to the potty when she wants to go. Ugh! She's so hard headed. Where does she get it? Tehe! She has a new way of going to the potty. She doesn't like using the potty with her Dora the Explorer doughnut anymore. She thinks she is big enough to sit on the big potty (balancing herself) without the doughnut. She does pretty good, but I think she does better with the seat. She came close to falling inside the toilet once today and she's only toppled over once (the evening). I made the mistake in giggling at her. She let me know right off the bat, it wasn't funny. Tehe!

I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow.

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The Thorsrud Family said...

Maddie likes to tuck her babies in just like that. These girls! They learn from the best :0) I love the bean bag. I want to get a few for in the TV room. Katie, Katie, Katie....she's so funny. She knows how she wants to do things! Almost falling into the toilet huh? haha!