Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day Two - Play Set Update

Well, we were able to install the slide and have three of the four walls complete. It seems to be coming right along.

These are photos of our completion for the night.

Katie has been biting at the bit to be able to go down her new slide. Poor baby, I felt so bad that she couldn't stay outside to watch because the mosquitoes are so bad. Peggy would try to bring her out ever so often to see what we've done thus far. Bad thing is when it's time to go back in the house, Katie starts crying because she doesn't want to go back in the house. I told Doug that I will be purchasing some tiki torches this week to put around the house, especially the back yard.

As you can tell, Katie loves her new slide. She was able to go down it about three times before it was time to go in the house.

We ran out of daylight. So tomorrow, we plan to pour in the concrete. Doug also wants to finish screwing in the 2x2 pieces of wood to complete the fourth wall. We'll allow 24" off to the side for the ladder. We've decided that Katie doesn't need the climbing wall right now. We feel that she is much too young for a climbing wall at this time. When she gets a little older, we will then consider installing one.

Doug seems to think there is a place in Decatur that you are able to purchase mulch by the truck loads. He said, he would try to call tomorrow to get a price. I just feel it would cost less, if we purchased the mulch by the truck load rather than by the bag. We also need to find where we can buy the long safety handles. Lowes shows them on their displays at the store, but they told Doug and Millard that they didn't have any to sell individually or in a pack. I think I'm going to call Home Depot and see if they sell them. If they do and have them in stock, I might could get Doug to stop by there on the way home and pick them up.


Laura said...

Yeah!! Katie looks so happy!! Will the playset be finished in time for the party this weekend? Tell Doug good job for us! It looks great!

P.S. It just started raining cats and dogs over here so I hope it doesn't come ya'lls way.

The Mason Bunch said...

We are aiming to have it finished by Saturday. Thank you!

We've been working on this in between T-showers all weekend. In fact, we had to work in a little bit of rain today. It was the only way to get what we had to get done.

thekeyes said...

That playset is awesome. Emma was doing a climbing wall here at a park and it made me nervous. I wanted allan to be right there to catch her the whole time so i don't blame you a bit for waiting on that one. lol. Lucky Girl!
Hope you have a wonderful party.