Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Great Play Date

First of all, I have to apologize for last night's post title "Counting Day The Days". What? I don't know what I was drinking last night. I do know that I didn't go to bed until 11:30, so I'm blaming sleepiness for the unique title. LOL!

I've got to tell you this story - this just goes to show that Katie doesn't meet very many friends. For the past couple of days, I've been talking to her about meeting Anya. Katie told me, "I play with Anya, Cinderella, Belle and Sleeping Beauty tomorrow". Her saying this made me think that Katie thought Anya was a cartoon character like Giselle. Well, she finally got to meet Anya and she doesn't seem like such a cartoon character anymore. lol.

I was afraid Katie wasn't going to allow this play date to happen. As you know, Leslie spent the night with us last night. Katie had so much fun playing with her that she didn't want her to leave. When Leslie got up this morning, getting ready for work. Katie didn't want her to leave and she kept telling me that she wanted to stay home and play dolls. I told her that Leslie had to go to work and we would see her this weekend for her birthday party. As I was getting ready for the day, I heard Katie ask Leslie when she would see her again. Leslie was explaining to her that she'd see her this weekend. When she left, Katie again was telling me that she didn't want to go to church and play on the playground. I was trying to get her excited by talking to her about Anya again. I couldn't get her to understand that we have to go to church to play with Anya. lol. Katie was getting hungry, so I finally got her excited because I told her that we would get a hamburger from McDonald's on the way to church.

It is so good to finally put a face with a name. When I saw Allison and Anya walking up to the church, I could tell it was them because I've seen Anya's picture and they were carrying McDonald's bags. Ha! It was very nice meeting them. Allison and I (I believe) hit it off. I know Katie liked playing with Anya in the playground area. I had to call on Katie to apologize to Anya once. I think Katie was playing a game with Anya and being too rough. I hope. Later, Katie told me that she would play nice. I've had such a hard time getting in Katie's head, not to play so rough with children her own age or younger. I think they were fine after that. We let the girls play (hard) from 11:45 - 1:30. Unfortnately, one of our church family members passed away Monday and the funeral was at 1:00. We pretty much stayed inside the playground, so we wouldn't disturb the funeral proceedings. It was so nice of Allison and Anya to give Katie a birthday present. Thank you! They gave her a butterfly Barbie. Katie loves it! We all walked around inside the facility, showing Allison and Anya all that Northbrook has to offer. I think the girls wore themselves out from playing so hard. It was so cute, Anya would call Katie "friend". She'd said, "come on friend, let's go this way." Anya will be turning 4 years old in October. Allison and I were talking about what activities, we would like for our girls to get involved with in the next couple of months. Allison said they are going to enroll Anya in ballet as well. How exciting! Wouldn't it be great if Katie and Anya both took ballet lessons together? Allison also added that they want Anya in gymnastics as well. That would be great. Allison and I would like to have more play dates in the future. When we got to the truck to leave, Katie's hair was wet from sweating.

First time ever, Katie told me that she was tired and wanted to take a nap in her bed. She didn't like the idea of us going to the grocery store first. She didn't fuss, she just wanted to go take a nap. I was hoping to go ahead and pick up the hamburger meat and other food for the party today. Well, I got everything but I wasn't about to get the meat because it was dated July 17th and our party is the 19th of July. Ugh! I really didn't want to get out Friday, instead I would rather decorate and make the birthday cake. I guess I'll try again tomorrow and get the hamburger.

Prayer Request
Above I mentioned a church family member passed away Monday. His name was Buford Johns and such a perfect grandpa figure. He and I volunteer as church greeters every 4th Sunday. You probably remember me asking for prayer for him before. He's had heart trouble for quite some time. I know he is with our Lord and not in anymore pain. Tela told me today that he was in the hospital with pneumonia and passed away from complications. Please remember his wife, Ruthie, and other family members that are grieving his loss.


Allison said...

Thanks Mirya! We had a great time as well. Anya talked about Katie the whole way home, wanting her to come play with her "Barbie house", so I promised Anya we would invite her over soon to play! Thank you so much for showing us around and introducing us today. Your church is very impressive and Travis and I hope to visit there soon.
Anya still didn't nap, no surprise there, but I'm glad Katie (and you) had a good time and that Katie had a good nap!
Thanks too for posting such a sweet blog about us! We are very thankful to have made some new friends! Talk to you soon!

Laura said...

Fun, fun, fun!! I'm so glad Katie made a new friend! Maybe next time when you say Anya's name, she'll be more excited about going to play!

The Thorsrud Family said...

That's great! I bet Katie had a blast, she's so sociable! Maddie still talks about her :0) LAst night she said ,"Katie see me!" Which means she wants to see Katie. Your gonna kill me, but Katies card made it into the mailbox today. I'M SORRY! I FORGOT! I have had it for a long time....I just can't seem to put a stamp on it and walk it to the mail box. So sorry Katie!