Friday, July 11, 2008

Picture Day Adventure

First of all I would like to thank all of you writing so many nice compliments about Katie's pictures. That was very sweet of you.

Now, as Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story. Our appointment wasn't until 10:10, Katie and I were ready and packed by 8:20 yesterday morning for Portrait Innovations. Peggy drove up at 8:30 and I told her how I would like to stop by the bank on the way to the photographers. No problem. We left in plenty of time. Right? After the bank, we hit the interstate and it wasn't long before Katie was taking a quick cat nap. Yes! Thank you dear Lord. We were doing perfect timing and made it through B'ham just fine. No problem. As we were passing the Lakeshore exit, I noticed a swarm of vehicles coming onto the interstate from that exit, pretty fast. On the tail of this swarm was a black SUV, similar to a Yukon or Tahoe. My Guardian Angel told me to watch out for this person because the way they were driving, like they were on a mission (tunnel vision). You know what I mean, I've been guilty of this a time or two. I'm sure everyone has one time or the other. Anyway sure enough, here they (don't know if man or woman) came over on me. Oh my gosh! All I could do was lay on the honk and hit the brakes. I couldn't go any where because there was a little traffic. They heard the honk and got back over really fast. You talk about some praises going up to Jesus right about then because I've seen some pretty awful wrecks right in that particular area. Shoo! Thank you Dear Jesus! Peggy was in the back saying "Amen". Our hearts calmed down as we were approaching the Hoover exit. For a split second something told me to get off there. "No" I thought I know where to get off at the Galleria exit. It would be much closer and we won't get into a lot of traffic that way. No problem. Well, we came up to the three way split. I knew not to go left because that would take you to the Summit. Left took you to T-Town and I wasn't for sure if that was the right turn off. I just knew I was suppose to go straight. Okay, can you tell by now that I haven't gone this way much to go to the Galleria by myself? Apparently, not enough. I decided to go straight and pray that was the right decision. WRONG! After a while, I was beginning to get concerned because I haven't seen the Galleria yet. I just didn't think it would take this long. What is up? I didn't want to worry Peggy, so I calmly picked up my cell phone and called Doug because Montgomery was fast approaching me in about 70 miles. Thank God, Doug answered. See God is with us all the time, especially me because I need His help at all times as you can tell. lol. Anyway, Doug had to tell me that I was going the wrong way and I needed to turn around. I kept asking him, if I could just turn off one of the other exits that we've passed and take a short cut. "No", he insisted. I had to go all the way down to the three way split and go towards T-Town. Ugh! I told him that I was suppose to be there in 10 minutes. Will we make it? "No", he answered. Ugh! I was so upset, but had to stay somewhat calm because Peggy and Katie was in the car. All I could do was laugh because I wanted to cry and crying never did me any good. Ha! I knew I should have listened to my inter voice because it's always right. Should of, could of, would of! Well, it's too late. As soon as we got on the right road, there was a sign "Galleria Blvd." LOL! Right around the corner, there was the Galleria. LOL! We finally got there and boy was I praying that they would have an opening to get her picture made. We walked in the door at 10:15 and thankfully they told us, it was okay. Shoo! Thank you again God! We didn't even have to wait long.

Since Katie did so well in her pictures, I kept my promise and took her to the Carousel. She loves carousels! She told me, she wanted to ride the frog. There were not that many children waiting to ride, so she got first pick. She was so excited! As she is waving to everyone eating and relaxing, including her Grandma Peggy, she was telling me how much fun it was to ride on the carousel. She is so sweet! When it was time to get off, she announced that when she comes back "tomorrow", she was going to ride the kitty cat.

I think I've got Peggy addicted to Strawberry-Banana Smoothies from Haagen Dazs. On our way to the car, she wanted to get one. There is no telling how many calories are in that drink, but the are oh so good.

Like I've told my Mom several times in the past, when we go off on adventures, it's never a dull moment when she's with me and she agrees every time. I don't know what it is. It's like the devil wants to ruin my perfectly good timed day and God always works it out.

Today, Katie and I spent a lot of time together. I like to go over her shapes, numbers, letters, colors and etc. with her at least twice a week. I make it into a game, so she enjoys the attention. She still has trouble counting objects, but she's only 3 years old. On her own, she can count up to 12. She just gets carried away when she's phyically counting. For instance, 3 rabbits might end up being 8 rabbits. We're still working on it. We are starting to recognize the actual numbers and letters themselves. For our craft, I showed her how to cut paper with safety scissors and paste. She had a ball with that. All she wanted to do was cut stripes of paper, so I let her. Then, she'd cut or rip some paper, take the glue stick and paste the paper on top of paper. She really thought she was doing something special. While she was busy cutting, I traced my hand with some chalk on a piece of paper. Well, she liked that idea. So, I traced her hand with some chalk and made two works of art. LOL! She really thought was something else.

Our Chalk Artwork. Tehe!

Katie's Play Set
Tomorrow, Doug, Millard, Peggy and I are planning to work on Katie's play set. We went out tonight and took a few pictures of a play set, in order to get an idea. He is planning to pick up the lumber and rent an auger(? -not sure about the spelling) in the morning. He hopes to at least get the framing up and concreted. Katie is so excited about getting a slide. She told Peggy and myself that she wants a pink slide. Peggy asked her what if her slide was another color other than pink? "No. I get a pink slide," she responded. I told Doug about it tonight. I guess she'll have to live with what ever color slide we can get. I'll keep you up-to-date on the whole process.

Bama News!
Did you hear the latest news about Kenny Stabler? Poor Kenny obviously has a alcohol problem. This is his third DUI charge. If you don't know Kenny, he was a former football player for Bama and NFL player. Kenny has been an announcer along with Eli Gold on the radio for the Tide. Today the University released a statement that Kenny will not be announcing any games on the radio with Eli Gold this up coming season. Apparently, Kenny asked for this next season off to take care of some personal issues.

iPhone 3G
Do you have your new iPhone 3G yet? I saw video from our local news of people lined up outside one of the Apple Stores at the Summit. I heard that Apple's phone circuits crashed because of people calling in to order their new iPhone 3G. According to NBC 13, Apple is hoping to attract customers by dropping the cost for 8 GB to $199 and double the storage will cost $299. In the long run this new smart phone is suppose to cost more than the previous smart phone because the calling plans will cost an additional $10 per month. I guess I'll stick to my little ol' Motorola.

Hope you have a great week!

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Allison said...

Cute story! I always take the Hoover exit to go to the Galleria for that very reason, I'm sure I'd take the wrong turn too! I still panic when I go to the zoo sometimes, afraid I took the wrong turn or missed it!
Good luck on the swing set. We put Anya's up about 2 weeks ago and it took ALL weekend! One recommendation get Thompson's Water Seal/Protectant and a spray bottle thing to spray the wood after getting the main frames up. It will help keep the color on the swing set for a long time and protect it in the sun and rain!