Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Counting Day The Days!

Sorry, I have no new photos for today. Our play set project is on hold until Henry can help Doug and Millard build some steps for Katie's play set. We did get outside this afternoon and Katie played and played on her new slide and swing set. She loves it! Right now, we are using a ladder for her to climb up in it. We both got up there and swept all the saw dust out. I also wanted to double check to make sure there were no staples left up there. Katie got a little mad at me because while I was up there, I wouldn't let her go down the slide by herself. Her going down by herself, I wasn't worried about. It was the climbing up the ladder while I was still up on the deck that was freaking me out. Unfortunately, her throwing a tempertantum like that cost her from playing outside longer. She had to stay in the house until her Daddy came home. He took her over to the slide and let her play for a little while longer.

Around 6:30 this morning, Katie climbed into bed with me. I don't know if Doug wakes her up in the mornings, while he is getting ready for work or what it is. Sometimes, she wakes up and crawls into bed with me. Most of the time, she wants to watch her TV. Not today, I opened one eye and she smiled at me. After I got her all covered up, she got on her belly, turned her head away and we both went right back to sleep. I got up around 7:30. Ahhh, I felt so rested. I knew there was a lot we had to do today, so I went ahead and got ready for the day. I had to go drag Katiebug out of bed around 9:00. She is so much like me that it's not funny. She may have Doug's looks, but she is not a morning person like me.

We left home around 9:30 and were back home for lunch and Katie's nap around 12:30. I was so proud of us, I just couldn't stand it. I dropped off our Library books and had to explain to Katie that we would have to go back to the Library and check out new books another time. After I spent 5 minutes explaining the situation with Katie, she finally accepted the task and was ready to proceed.

We've had enough of mosquitoes! I feel like a prisoner in my own home. As soon as you walk out the door past 4:30, you are at great risk of becoming the next victim. Before you know it, your legs and arms are ate up with bites. Ugh! My sisters swear by Tiki torches filled with Citronella oil. So, it was my mission to find and purchase descent Tiki torches for a reasonable/cheap price. I thought I would hit the dollar stores and Big Lots first before going to Walmart and Lowes. I knew Lowes had them on sale for $5 each. Our first stop was Big Lots. Oh, I was so happy to find pretty descent Bamboo Tiki torches for $2.50 each. Yes! Not sure how well they would work, I grabbed 3. Then, I saw a nice bronze metal Tiki torch for $15. I thought it would look nice in our front yard. I just got one of them. I put the Bamboo Tiki torches around Katie's play set in the back yard. It really wasn't all that difficult putting them in the ground. As most of you know, our back yard is pitiful (lot of clay soil and hardly no good rich top soil). So, I grabbed my shovel and dug up the ground a little to get it soft enough to put the torches in the ground with ease. I had them lit, while we were outside playing with the slide. I believe I'm going to need at least 2 more of thoses torches for the back yard. Tehe!

Katie and I had a blast, of course, in Hobby Lobby. Since we are having a "Fancy Nancy" Birthday party this weekend, we have to dress up. Right? I've told the sisters to dress up, if they would like to. We picked up some extra pink beaded necklaces and boas to help us look fabulous. I also needed a couple table covers, balloons, napkins, and plastic forks. Oh by the way, Hobby Lobby is having a great sale on their garden decorations - 80% off. I found some nice glass sphere shaped candle holders that you can hang in the trees for $1. I picked up 2 pink and 2 purple. I plan to hang them in the our cherry tree the day of Katie's birthday party, while she is opening her gifts that evening. I purchased some Citronella tea light candles to put in the holders. I thought it would be pretty and yet useful. Can you believe that Hobby Lobby has all of their Fall/Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations out on the shelves? Of course, Katie and I had to look over every single piece. Tehe! She loves Scarecrows and Santa Claus. So every one she could spot, she had to look at it and some she had to hold. I told her, we would be back when they begin their sales and find her a Scarecrow. They had some stuffed crows all decked out. They were really cute with the straw hats. I had the hardest time explaining to Katie that they were not penguins, but crows. She told me, "Mommy, I don't think so. I think they are penguins."

Last but not least, we hit Wally World. I got most of the plastic ware and paper products from there. I couldn't find a tiara, for me to wear for the party. So, I thought I would look at their hats. Can you see me in a hat? Never! I did find a big white, floppy beach hat. I tried it on and Katie liked it. So, I tried it on in front of a mirror and then she had to look in the mirror. I thought, well Fancy Nancy wears hats as well. Why not me? My new hat cost me a whole $3. LOL! I'll have to take a picture of it, so you can see what it looks like.

We had leftover Spaghetti, salad and French Rolls for supper. The secret to my Spaghetti is Paul Newman's Marinara sauce. We love it! As soon as I cook a pound of Ground Chuck and drain the grease, I put a jar of marinara sauce on top of the meat and let it simmer for a while until it's hot. Yummy! I love every thing in a salad - broccoli, carrot match sticks, mushrooms, shredded Colby and Monterrey Jack Cheese, bell pepper, cucumber, baby spinach leaves, restaurant style croutons, chopped bacon and Ken's 1000's Island. Yum! I think I'll have to have that for supper tomorrow night.

Leslie has a CPR class in the morning around 10:00, so she is staying with us tonight. Bless her heart, she works 12 hour shifts, 3 days a week. I tried not to sound like a Mother hen, but I was beginning to get concerned. I didn't know she worked 12 hour shifts at the hospital. Her being a PCA, I guessed maybe 8-10 hours a day. At first I called Sue to make sure I didn't get my days mixed up, but she wasn't home. It was getting close to 6:30, so I left a message on Leslie's phone. It was 7:00 before she got here. Poor thing! On top of that Katie insisted on sleeping with her tonight. I put my foot down, but Leslie told me it would be alright. I warned her.

Mom Update
I might have some good news for you. I spoke to Mom tonight, she continues to sound really good. She told me that the Nursing Home Administrator met with her and Dad today about Mom possibly going home for good. Woo Hoo! The administrator asked Dad if he was ready for Mom to come home. He said yes, as long as they felt she was able. They said that Mom's come a long way and there's nothing else they can do for her. I asked Mom if she felt that she was ready to come home. Poor thing, she started crying on the phone with me. She said she is very scared. She wants to come home, but it's been so long since she's been home. I figure too what is in the back of her mind, she was never home longer than a week before having to go back to the emergency room. I'm sure that would be scary. She did say that nothing was official about her coming home, but they are just talking about it. Please remember Mom in your prayers!

Kelly's Kids
I got a message from Kelly's Kids. Their Fall/Winter fashions are out now. I tried downloading the pictures, but I guess everyone wanted to see them because it was taking forever to download. So, I thought I would check it out at a later time.

Praise Report
Oh, I've got to tell you. Emily (lung transplant) was able to come to church this past Sunday. I didn't see her because it was my Sunday to watch the 2 year olds. Isn't that wonderful? You'll have to check out her blog for further news on her progress.

Lunch Date
Tomorrow, Katie and I have a lunch date with a new acquaintance Allison and Anya. They are somewhat new to the area here, but not to blogger. We've been emailing back and forth. We thought it would be nice to get together and let the girls play. We are both stay-at-home Moms and our girls are both 3 years old. Katie saw Anya's (beautiful name by the way) picture on Allison's blog and asked who that was. I asked her if she would like to play with Anya this week. Her eyes lit up with excitement and said "oh, yes! I play with her tomorrow at the playground." We're going to pick up a McDonald's Happy Meal and head over to the church. Allison was interested in our church and I thought it would be good to let the girls play in the air conditioned playground, followed up by a tour of the facility. I hate sweating and fight off bugs for a bite of my sandwich!

Take care and please remember me as it is getting closer and closer to Katie's birthday party. Yikes!


Sister Sandy said...

Your blog is so full of wonderful news today! I am sure Katie and her new friend will hit it off wonderfully! And a new friend for you too, even better! Mom coming Home! PRAISE THE LORD!! I wish I could be there to welcome her. I witnessed a miracle from Our Lord, and Mom's recovery has made me even stronger in my faith!! LOVE, Sister Sandy

thekeyes said...

oh mi, i loved your blog this am. we had just gotten back from hobby lobby and i had noticed all the same stuff you wrote about. Im so glad to hear that your mom might be coming home. what a beautiful praise report that will be. oh and i have a cousin named Anya and have always thought it was a pretty name thay picked out. Hope your play date goes well and katie gets a new friend. ;-)

Laura said...

I am so excited about Katie's party too and hate that this will be the first year that we can't make her party. But we will definitly be with her in spirit! Ha!

Anyway. Be sure to post pics of Allison and Anya. We can't wait to meet them!