Saturday, July 12, 2008

Play Set In Progress

Millard, Doug and myself have been working hard today on the play set. Shoo! We got the frame and flooring done. Yes! I wouldn't have been able to help without Peggy watching Katie for me. We sprayed and sprayed ourselves with Off or Deet, but the mosquitoes still got us good. After everything was said and done, I had to rub Hydrocordizone cream all over the bottom portion of my legs. I couldn't help out much with the flooring, so I turned my attention to the fence row. Where our neighbor had planted her vines, rose bushes and other bushy trees, looks like a jungle. Last year, I wanted to clear all that junk out, but we never got around to it. Today was good enough for me to dig in and clear it out. Guess what? I actually have a chain link fence. How about that? I haven't seen it in so long, I thought all of our neighbor's plants took it over. I couldn't get over how much Jasmine vines take over everything including very tall trees. Buddy, I cut all that vine away from our fence. It looks much better.

Tomorrow, we plan on finishing the decking, stairs, and attach the slide. We got a really good deal on the slide, it's fairly deep and wavy. Anyway, a couple we know had this slide for their grandchildren and decided that they didn't need it anymore. It's in very good shape, so they sold it to us for $25. Doug said it looks exactly like a slide Lowes sells for $140, except it's yellow. As soon as we got it home today, I started washing it up while the guys went back to Lowes to get more wood for the flooring.


Our design model to go by

Doug and Millard working on the frame

View from the front

View from the back

Visit with Mom
While Doug and Millard went to get the wood for the deck frame, I visited Mom for a little bit. I haven't seen her in a week and felt bad. We've just had a crazy week and I have a feeling it's not going to get any easier with the big birthday party coming up next weekend. I got to her room right when she finished her breakfast. She was still in her Jammie's. A volunteer popped her head in Mom's room as asked if Mom and Flo were planning to go to the singing at the chapel. Mom sounded excited about going to the singing. I helped her get ready for the day. We had to get some help to put her in her scooter because she was too weak to stand up today. We went to the singing and had a good time. It was great seeing all the elderly enjoying the singing. Mom was a little disappointed because she thought it was just gospel music, instead it was bluegrass. It lasted about an hour. As we were going down the hallway back to her room, we met up with Dad. Mom felt like going outside before time to eat lunch. Mom, Dad and I walked outside under the shade trees and visited a little. I let Mom and Dad look at all the photos of Katie. I had Mom pick out one that she liked the best to put in the frame I have hanging in her room of Katie. It was getting close to Mom's lunchtime, so I thought it would be a good time to leave.


Laura said...

Oh, yeah!! I like the play set! What does katie think about it? Can't wait to see it all finished!!

thekeyes said...

wow what a good playset! has katie seen you putting it up?