Sunday, July 20, 2008

Katie's Birthday Party

I believe Katie had another wonderful birthday party. I did all the last minute decorations, while Katie slept most of the morning. I figured that I had better let her sleep as much as possible because she probably wouldn't take a nap during the day. She had been so excited about this party for the past couple of days.

Millard and Peggy came up to work on the play set some more, put up the steps and measure for the hand rails. Peggy was so nice to help me out with a few things. Time was ticking and I was beginning to panic a little. I honestly didn't think I was going to make it to 2:00 p.m. Susan said she was going to try and get her family to leave around 1:00 p.m., in order to come a little early and visit.

Katie was in another mood when she got out of bed. You would think, with all that sleep, she would get up all refreshed and happy. Nope! Right off the bat, I had to put her in time out. Honestly, I think she knew it was her birthday party and she wanted to cry if she wanted to. Isn't that the way that song goes? lol. Her Daddy had to talk with her about talking back to me. I think the time out and Doug talking with her helped a little bit.

When our guests were beginning to arrive, Katie got so excited. Katie loved her special guest, Nia. Nia is Zayne's adopted 4 year old sister. She is precious! I warned Zayne about how rough Katie can play and he assured me that Nia would take care of herself. I couldn't believe how well they seemed to played with one another. No crying. No whining. No tattletaling. Do you realize how wonderful it is to not hear these things? WONDERFUL!

I did have to get on to Katie once because she put sand on Nia head and it got in her mouth. Ugh! Of course, Katie thought it was hilarious. When Nia came back outside, I told Katie to apologize and give her a hug. After that episode, we didn't have any problem. I apologized to Zayne and he said that Nia would probably get back at Katie some how. Good because I knew she would deserve it.
Another special guest arrived, Fancy Nancy, played by Maryann. She did great with the whole Fancy Nancy thing. She was dressed to a T. She had on the royal jewels, long silk gloves, tiara, silk scarf belt and dangly earrings. I had on my hat, pink beaded necklace and boas. I purchased extra necklaces and boas for people to put on if they wanted to, but no one else volunteered. Overall, we had 23 people and 3 dogs here for the party.

We just had hamburgers and hot dogs for supper, along with sides like potato salad, cowboy baked beans, deviled eggs, chips, and fruit salad. We cooked 4 packs of Bryan's Juicy Jumbos and would you believe there were 5 hot dogs left. Ha! Talk about just having enough. I could have swore 3 packs of hot dogs and 5 lbs. of hamburger meat would be plenty for our crew. Don't get me wrong, no one went away hungry by no means, but we planned it perfectly. Oh, don't forget the butterfly birthday cake and ice cream. It was a hit as well. I think we had 4 small servings of cake left. Katie did so good blowing out the candles. At first, I thought I was going to have to help her out because she was so shy. I think it embarrassed her a little when everyone began singing "Happy Birthday" to her. She became so shy and clammed up on us. It took a while, but finally she blew them out.
Us, ladies, straightened up the Kitchen after everyone ate their dessert. A few others, took all of the presents and Katie outside to open up her gifts. I made the mistake in letting Katie open up our gift first. All she wanted to do is play with Thomas the Train Engine and Barbie's accessories (couch & table). She was getting ill with me because I wanted her to open up the rest of her gifts. She decided to open up a few more, then stupid I told her to open up a few cards. She opened up our Tinkerbell musical card. Ugh! She still had two more gifts to open, but now all she wanted to do was play the Tinkerbell card. I have to say everything she got was a hit. A couple of the aunts went to Target and got her the Fancy Nancy purse, sunglasses, hat and tutu. So cute! She received Fancy Nancy books, Thomas the Train Engine toys, Veggie Tales movie, money, Barbie clothes & accessories, Play Set, and a neat adjustable rocking chair. She was still wound up late last night, playing with all of her new toys. The last guest left around 9:15 - 9:30 p.m. Katie was having so much fun, me and her playing with her new train and Barbies. I told Doug, I would let stay up a little late and let her play with her stuff. I guess it was 11:30 p.m. before Katie went to bed. She had such a wonderful time, but Mommy and Daddy are very tired. Doug is sick of messing with the play set and will be glad when it is complete. I'm glad we had a successful party, everyone had a good time and having lots of fun, but glad it's over. On to the next thing that's coming up. I have 161 photos of the event on our photosite.


Laura said...

I'm glad that Katie had such a great birthday!! Looks like Fancy Nancy was a hit!!

thekeyes said...

Oh MI,
That party looks so FANCY!!! YOu did a wonderful job it looks like. I bet Katie was the happiest little girl ever. Good Job mama..


Allison said...

Looks like a great party! The butterfly cake came out really cute too! Give us a call this week and maybe we can make plans for another playdate soon!

The Mason Bunch said...

Unfortunately, Mom couldn't come to the party because Medicare policy wouldn't allow her to leave the Nursing Home right now.

Allison - as soon as I get to feeling better from the Bladder Infection, we will try to get together.