Monday, July 21, 2008

Well The Party's Over


Have to start out by wishing my nephew, Allan, a very Happy Birthday!

Well the party's over and Momma comes down sick. Yuck! I could tell Saturday night, during the party, I wasn't feeling myself. What would any other Momma do for her baby girl's birthday party? Suck it up, paint a smile over the pain and go on with the show. I was having symptoms of a Urinary Tract Infection/Bladder Infection. I confirmed the symptoms with a couple of my sisters and they agreed with my diagnosis. Ugh! I didn't need this right now. Like I said, I sucked it up, drank plenty of water and went to the bathroom a lot during the party. As the night went on, the worse it got and I really didn't want to go to Urgent Care. It's a personal thing. You just never know if you're going to get a wack as a doctor. I remember several years ago, I had a severe kidney infection and Doug took me to the ER because I couldn't walk (that's how bad it was). The wacko doctor gave me the wrong meds and I had a terrible reaction to the drugs. I got worse and had to wait until the next work day to go to my regular doctor and get on the right meds. Ugh! What a nightmare that was? It still haunts me from time to time, as you can tell. Anyway, at bedtime Saturday night, I was actually feeling better. I figured it was a fluke thing or maybe the water helped a lot. Sunday, I wasn't 100%, but I didn't feel real bad either. I figured that I was just really wore out. Well this morning, I woke up sick at my stomach. I couldn't get comfortable and the pressure to my bladder was back. Ugh! Because it's Monday, it's hard to find a babysitter. I looked up the treatment for UTI online and sure enough, I had to have antibiotics. Ugh! This can not be happening to me! I began drinking water again like crazy, but it wasn't getting any better. Then, I saw the blood. I had blood in my urine. Well that got my attention. This is probably serious and that I had better get a babysitter and get to the doctor ASAP. All I can say, God was again watching over me. I called Doug and asked him if it was really crazy at work today. He knew something was up because I normally don't just call him at work to see how busy they are. I told him what was going on. I asked him, if I get an appointment later in the day, could he come home for Katie? He had no problem, but he remembered Whitney mentioned Saturday that she would be home today. He asked me to ask her and then call him back. Well, it all worked out. Whitney was so sweet to come over and watch Katie for me, while I went to the doctor. I appreciated Dr. Lunsford for fitting me in his busy schedule. The receptionist, I spoke to said his calendar was booked all day. I told her about the blood I found in my urine, she asked me to wait so she could ask Dr. Lunsford. They had me come in at 1:30 to squeeze me in. I did have a bad bladder infection. Dr. Lunsford was as puzzled as I was about the blood. At first, he thought that maybe I had a kidney stone, but I didn't have any pain in my pain or abdominal area. He put me on antibiotics for the infection and wants me to come back in two weeks for another urine specimen, see if there's still blood. While I was there, he wanted my cholesterol checked, since I have a family history of high cholesterol. I'm sure once I get the meds that I need in me, I will be just fine in a couple of days.

Poor Paul Got Fired
Do you remember our friend Paul, the black cloud roofer? Well, Paul was hired by a friend of ours to do his roof as well. Paul, of course, continued to have bad luck of not hiring good roofers to do the job right. May I add, I told y'all in my overall evaluation that I would not recommend hiring this guy to do any roofing job. Okay having that said, Jim (our friend) gave him two days of excuse after excuse and finally had his fill of him. Jim told Doug that Paul and his crew kept messing up on the roof. He finally gave him some money and told him to never come back. Jim hired another crew to do the job. He said that they had to rip up the work that Paul and his crew did because it was a mess. Jim added that he had to get more shingles to replace the ones that Paul messed up. He didn't like the way Paul talked to his employees either. I believe I mentioned that in my evaluation as well. Poor Paul.

Prayer Request
Doug and I really need your prayers. It's not bad news by no means, but we have a huge, possible life changing opportunity coming up very soon. Most of the family knows, so it's okay to ask for prayers. We believe there is a good opportunity for Doug that is related to his job. I'm really beating around the bush, I know. His company is asking if there is anyone interested (in his group) in moving to CO for several months. There will be a new product line moved to AL and they need someone from Quality to be schooled on the product, how it is built. Doug asked me my opinion about the opportunity and I'm in full support. I think it would be a good opportunity for him in the future. If he is going to do anything like this, now is when it needs to happen because Katie isn't in school. Nothings happened at the moment, but we should know something soon. Doug has yet to talk to any of the big dawgs about all the details.

On that note, I've been checking out the sights online about CO. I've been to CO once before, but I was 14 or 15 years old. So, I really don't remember a lot about the sights other than the Rockies. I did find Katie a ballet school, to enroll her in this Fall/Winter. I've got a local library bookmarked. I've found several hot shopping spots and lots of scenic areas to take lots and lots of pictures. I've been talking with Sandy and Liz, getting an idea about the cost of living. If we do move, I've got to go to Aspen. This is going to sound so stupid, but this is how morbid I can be. I have to go to Aspen because of the movie "Dumb and Dumber". No it's not because of the fantastic ski resorts, but to find that hotel Harry and Lloyd stayed while they were in Aspen "California". LOL! I'm sorry, but that is a funny movie. Do I sound a little excited? I guess you could say that I might be a little. I've been aggravating Doug everyday about the assignment. As most of you know me, I've got to plan and organize. I can't help it, it's in my blood. I stressed to Doug last week that we really need to know something soon because our realtor, vacation at the Gulf, needs her money by the first week in August. If we are going to be moving, we need to cancel our trip. It would be fine if Wayne and Laura had another couple going in our place, but I don't think they do.

Katie Story
It was so cute this morning. Katie and I were in her bedroom, I was changing her sheets. With her legs crossed, sitting on her bed and acting prissy, she looks up at her Jesus picture and says, "Mom, I made Jesus happy today". "You did?" I asked her. All confident, she answers, "yes, I made Him happy." I asked her if it was because she prayed last night. "Yes, I made him happy because I prayed last night and now he's happy." You talk about your heart melting. Then she tells me that she likes Jesus. I told her that Jesus loves her. "I love Jesus too", she added. In the picture, there is Jesus surrounded around with children and a dog. So, Katie continues to talk about how the dog likes Jesus. I guess this conversation lasted about 5 minutes. I thought it was such a sweet story that I had to share with you.


Laura said...

Sorry to hear that you have felt so bad, Mirya! Hope the meds start working soon!

As of now, we don't have a anyone else going with us to Orange Beach, but I think we're still going to go. Alise has been talking about it alot lately.

I turned in Alise's registration form for dance today. She's going to take on Monday's from 5:30 to 6:30.

Allison said...

Ouch. The bladder infection sounds painful. I had a kidney infection last week, but luckily no real pain associated with it. And this is the story of my life, I make a new friend and the friend plans to move away! :) It does sound like a great opportunity though and Colorado is beautiful, plus you will have access to some of the best grocery stores around! Lots of organic food in Colorado! Will it only be for a few months? You guys would be coming back right? My prayers are with you though for everything!

Sister Sandy said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Your answers for CO will come in due time. PATIENCE! TRUST & FAITH! Katie's story warmed my heart. Because of you and Doug...Katie will know Jesus and she will know truly what LOVE is. I am positive that while Katie was telling you this, Jesus was also smiling! Love, Sister Sandy