Thursday, July 3, 2008

Goodbye Paul!

Ah! Y'all just thought they were gone. Right? Oh no! Doug said Jordan drove up at 10 til 7 this morning ready to get things finished. Since Paul decided not to grace us with his presence until 7:20, Doug got Jordan busy sweeping the yard for nails. When Paul finally got here, he had to turn around and leave to go get the dirt from Jordan's uncle, as promised. According to Doug, Jordan's uncle only had top soil by the truck loads and didn't have any bags. Ugh! That black cloud just doesn't go away. Does it? Paul had to go to the store and buy a few bags of top soil to put in the ruts, Jordan made in our back yard. Oh, but guess what? Darn it, Paul forgot the grass seed that he supposedly had in his truck last night. While he was farten' around, Doug and Jordan continued to sweep the yard for nails. I know last night, Doug and I picked up 1/3 of a solo cup full of nails in the front yard. I couldn't imagine how many they would have picked up in the back yard. The garbage trailer was wheeled all over the back yard. As most of you know, we have a pretty good size back yard. Oh brother! Sure enough, Doug and Jordan filled up a 16 oz. solo cup full with nails from the front and back yard. Doug was ready to get this crew on their way. He had enough of Paul's garbage, so he went ahead and gave him the rest of the money. Don't get me wrong, Doug got up on the roof early this morning and checked everything out. He was very satisfied over the work all together. Paul left to cash the check, so he could pay his employees. Doug also thought he was suppose to get some seed, while he was at it. You know what? When he got back, he forgot about the seed again. Ugh! We were so ready for him to leave and Lord willing, we will never see his face around here again.

As they were getting ready to leave, Doug was talking to Jordan. Jordan was expressing his relief that he'll finally get his money and be able to head home. Doug warned him that Paul would probably have him go to the dump, unload the garbage, before giving him his money. Jordan's smile fell. Sure enough, Paul told Jordan to follow him to the dump to unload. He said, as soon as they dump the trailer, he would take them out to eat and then he would get his money. Poor Jordan. Maybe this experience will encourage him to go to school and make something of himself.

Paul promised Doug that he would get a bag of grass seed and spread it in our back yard some time. Doug was just agreeing with him, to get him out of here. Paul told Doug to keep one of the magnetic devices, so we could continue to sweep for nails. Doug said, he wouldn't care if Paul ever came back with the grass seed. Ha!



Laura said...

Too funny! I think I'm going to miss ol' Paul!

Allison said...

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We moved to Cullman last June from Las Vegas, but we have family near Prattville, AL and we are both originally from Alabama, my husband and I.
I would love to talk with you more as I have not met many people/Moms in Cullman yet.
Your blog is great by the way! You can contact me at
Allison A.

Sister Sandy said...

Bye Bye Paul! You have given us all a good laugh. Mi, glad your roof is on and all is well. Give Mom and Dad our love when you see them. Kiss Katie Bug for us and we will be watching your postings for new and exciting things, you know what I mean! Love, Sister Sandy