Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ballerina Dress Update

Just a little add in . . .

Katie had better like the yellow ballerina dress because she's a new owner of it. LOL! I've been sitting here waiting for the ballerina dress bid to end on eBay. I have to say, it was a battle. I haven't had a battle like that in probably a year. It got down to the last 5 seconds between me and another bidder. The other bidder just wouldn't give it up, but I prevailed! YES!

I wasn't too thrilled in the price I ended up paying, but it was still overall a great deal for a brand new smock dress. I wouldn't have been able to go to any boutique here in town and paid the prices, including shipping & insurance, that I just paid on eBay. Plus, I really liked the dress. I think I'm becoming a big Ballet Mom. Anything ballet, I'm in love.

Super Bowl Weekend!
Do you have your 3D glasses to wear during the commericals? Doug and I was having problems at first finding these glasses that is until Doug discovered that Publix carried them. So, if your having a difficult time finding these glasses like we did, you should be able to find them at the following stores: A & P, Winn Dixie, Dollar General and Publix.

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