Saturday, January 3, 2009

Handling The Loss

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Okay, a lot of Bama fans are crying this morning after a terrible defeat last night. I was so hoping that we would have a chance to win or at least have it a close game. Boo Hoo! I was so depressed by the end of the 2nd quarter that I took two Tylenol PM, turned off the TV and went to sleep. Doug stayed up and watched the beating commense. He did admit to doing his school work while watching Utah play the game. Well, we can't continue to re-live such a terrible end to a great season. So, Doug is printing out the roster of high school commits to Alabama for next season. This way he can check out some of the new Bama players during the "All American" game. I'll pass along the Bama commits to you. They are as follows:

  • #10 QB AJ McCarron, Mobile, AL
  • #72 OT DJ Fluker, Foley, AL
  • #26 LB Nico Johnson, Andalusia, AL
  • #99 DT Chris Bonds, Columbia, SC

According to the report, you can watch these players today on NBC @ noon.

Katie On The Go

Katie just turned 3 years old this past July and is on the go this Christmas break. Allow me to explain. My nieces go off to college and when they get home for break, they like spending time with their Katiebug.

Right before Christmas, Whitney asked Katie to spend the night with her. Katie had such a good time, going to the jumper house, going shopping with Whitney, making cookies, watching movies and especially getting to play with Zayne's little sister, Nia.

New Year's Day, Peggy and Millard asked if Katie could stay the night. Again, she had so much fun with her Grandma and Paw-Paw. Watching movies, riding in her Barbie Jeep, going shopping and stopping by DQ for ice cream before coming home.

Today, Leslie is coming by to pick up Katie for the night. She is so excited. As soon as she got up out of bed, she asked if Leslie was here yet. What can I say? My little girl loves to be on the go. It's either that or she already doesn't like to be at home with Mom and Dad. I didn't think kids did this until they were teenagers.

Doug told me that we might have a date after Katie leaves the house. We've been wanting to check out the new Bass Pro Shop in Leeds, so we might make our way there. I also need bigger pants. Ugh! The belly is growing leaps and bounds. I still don't have an outty belly button, but it's close to being smooth with the rest of my stomach. So, right now I'm uncomfortable wearing the pants that I've got.

Baby is more active every week. He jumps around when I have a full stomach or if I'm getting loud. Again, the Alabama games get him geared up. Of course, the time to play is when mommy is ready to lay down and go to sleep.

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