Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thank You Chuck!

I want to send out a BIG thank you to our friend Chuck.


He went home, Florida, for the Christmas holiday. When he returned, he brought back some Naval Oranges and Tangerines straight from the orchard. Oh my gosh! Not only are they pretty to look at, but they are so sweet and juicy. Doug ate one last night as soon as he got home. I didn't want to make my heartburn any worse, so I decided to eat one for breakfast instead. Oh Chuck, they are delicious. You practically have to wear a bib, while biting into this succulent fruit. Thank you again!

Katie Story
Right before Doug left for work this morning, Katie woke up and wanted to crawl into bed with me. As most of you know, the State of Alabama has been drenched with rain for the past 24 hours. When I did get up, I left Katie still sleeping in bed. When she did get up, she came up to me so serious. She informed me, "Paw-Paw Millard is in your bedroom". I could hear someone talking from our bedroom, but I had an idea as to what it was. After Katie finished going to the potty, we went to investigate the situation. By this time, the voice had long gone. I turned on the NOAA weather radio that sits on the night stand by Doug's side of the bed. The computer voice came on stating that we were under a Flash Flood Warning for our area. I asked Katie if that was the voice she heard. "Yep, that's Paw-Paw Millard talking. {All serious} He just won't shut up" she said. I did everything to keep a straight face as she is telling me all this information, but I had to laugh. She was a little shocked to find out that it wasn't Paw-Paw Millard.

Katie was so excited to find out that she will get to go to ballet class today. Her eyes were all lite up, but then she stopped. "But mom the ballet is closed," she informed me. I told her that is was open today. "Are you sure about that? Is my teacher back?" she questioned. As soon as I assured her, she felt so much better. Then, she asked if the ice cream shop was open. I asked her why? "I want some ice cream after ballet" she said. Oh no! What have I started? It's too bad that our TCBY isn't open on Tuesdays. Ugh! I don't like going inside DQ late in the day because it just stinks to me. I guess I'm smelling the hamburger grease or something. I'm going to have to come up with another plan for Tuesdays.

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The Thorsrud Family said...

yyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm! I need to be friends with Chuck.