Friday, January 23, 2009

Let's Celebrate!

celebrate Pictures, Images and PhotosAre you wondering why I want to celebrate? It's because we are officially 30 weeks pregnant today. Celebrate Pictures, Images and Photos
Can I get a WHOOP WHOOP?

Poor Doug and Katie had to go with me to the doctor's appointment today because I had to re-do the glucose test. Buddy, am I glad he was there because right before they were able to prick my finger for this test, I just about went out. The nurse said she was concerned about me because I looked like I was about to pass out. Honestly, I don't know why they put pregnant women through all of this. I even got up last night at 10:45 and ate a banana sandwich. Did I think it helped? NOPE! After being up for 2 hours this morning, I began feeling drained. BLAH! BLAH! Anyway, I thought I was going in to just do this test, but the nurse said Dr. Kakani wanted to exam me again. What? Dr. Kakani came in and told me my glucose count, which I can't remember what it was. I think it's because my blood flow was down to my toes at that time. I simply asked her if it was good or bad. She said it was good. Oh, thank you God above! Then, she added that I needed to watch the sweets. I can do that. I won't like it, but I can do it. I just don't want to have to take the test again. She promised me that I wouldn't be taking the 3 hour glucose test. Shoo! She started looking at me as if she was conjuring up some plan to torture me some more. Then, she asked me my age. I told her 35 years old. She says, you know I would be interested in monitoring the glucose later in the pregnancy. What? I asked her if that was necessary. She told me it won't be like this test. Oh, no. Instead, I'm to fast AGAIN in the next 3 weeks and come in early to take the test. The best part of it, according to her, is that I won't have to drink the orange drink. I don't think that was a lot of my problem. I think my problem was the LACK OF FOOD! Ugh! Then, she said she wants to try taking the test a third time after I've eaten lunch. I'm all for skipping the fasting part and go straight to taking the test after I eat lunch. I like that idea better!

Last Monday, the baby could have been just stretching, but it felt like he was pushing down. It was a little intense that caused me to go lay down for a while. I told Dr. Kakani and she said that it was good. I was a little concerned because I never had that with Katie because she never dropped. She also said it was good to hear that I'm having at least two episodes of Braxton Hicks a day. So far, everything is normal. I can tell that Colton is getting taller because he likes to put his feet on my hip and stand up. His head will hit my ribs. He still likes to get in between my hips and stretch. You talk about taking your breath away for a little bit.

Katie and I got a nice surprise visit from my dad and mom yesterday. They were in town and came by for a visit. They bought me a beautiful pot of purple tulips for my birthday. They know how to make my birthday special. I hope I'll be able to plant the bulbs in my flower bed, once the blooms die off. They will be so pretty blooming next Spring.

Katie wanted her picture taken with my birthday flowers.

Then, she wanted a picture made of just her.

Of course, she was in such a good mood that she wanted a picture made with her favorite kitty cat.

Peanut Butter Recall Scare
I'm sure a lot of you are as concerned as I am about the latest salmonella scare tied to peanut butter products. Well, a friend of mine sent Doug a peanut butter recall alert. It shows a list of products that have been recalled. I wanted to pass this list down to you.


Laura said...

I am so glad your glucose test went so well! Gosh, I can't believe you have a full ten weeks left (maybe shorter)! Congrats! I'm still curious why your doc wants to do another glucose test?

two curly girls said...

I just heard it was your birthday! Hope you had a wonderful celebration!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Best wishes during the remaining 10 weeks of your pregnancy (you are in the home stretch now!).



Allison said...

I didn't know it was your birthday this week! I hope you had a Happy Day! Thanks for coming over again this past week! Hope you got some rest later that day!

thekeyes said...

YOur very welcome. We sent you a card as well but it may be late getting there i guess. I hate those glucose tests.. but then i had gestational diabetes with lilly so at least you don't have to deal with that ;-)
congrats on being 30 weeks.. woohoo.. not too much longer. YEAH!!!