Thursday, January 8, 2009

Katie's New Easter Dress

Yeah, I know it's a little early to even think about Easter dresses, but it's all I can think about. I figured that by the time baby boy gets here, I'm not going to feel like shopping for outfits. As you know, I've been keeping my eyes open online and especially on eBay for Katie and Colton's Easter outfits.

Today, Katie and I had a mommy and daughter luncheon at Rumor's Deli. It was the first time Katie had ever been inside the restaurant. It's one of these restaurants that has a lot of stuff all over the walls and ceiling. Katie had a blast looking at everything. From the time we walked inside to the time we left, she talked my ear off. She had a hot dog and cookie, while I had their chicken salad on greens. Yummy! In fact, that's exactly what Katie said the whole time we were there. I asked her if this was her new favorite restaurant. "Yeah" she said. After lunch, we walked down to a local children's boutique, Kiddie Land. They were having a great sale on a lot of the little girl dresses. I really liked the 75% off rack, unfortunately Katie didn't like anything. There was a sweet brown and pink smocked gingham dress for $26. I was tempted to get it, but Katie didn't like it. Ugh! I did find this pretty white smocked dress with pink roses and accented with white pearls. I really liked it when I looked at the price tag. It was 50% off the original price. Better yet, Katie loves this dress. Yeah! As soon as we got home, she wanted it on and didn't want to take it off. Now, I've got to find Colton an outfit to match. I'm hoping to take the kids in April for pictures at Portrait Innovations. Kiddie Land said they will be getting shipments in the next couple of weeks, especially for boys. Yay! I'm thinking about getting a white smocked outfit for Colton to go along with Katie. Am I doing too much white?

Of course, we had to have a silly picture in the mix.

I've also been looking for one of these cute t-shirts that say "Big Sister" on it for Katie. But as picky as Katie is I've been afraid to buy one. Kiddie Land just got in a new shipment and they had the cutest "Big Sister" shirt for Katie. It is Katiebug all over it and she likes it. She loves the crown, skirt and that it has sparklies. LOL! Here is a picture of it. It says at the bottom: "Princess and Big Sister"

Karate Girl
I've told you before about how Katie loves this new movie "Kung Fu Panda". She likes to go around the house, air kicking and punching. I have to remind her that she is not to kick or punch anyone. So far, she does pretty good about listening to me (thus far). I've got to sneak a video camera around her and tape her doing her karate. She did let me take a few pictures of her today. She jumps and kicks, then lands real low to the floor with this mean look on her face. She tells me that she is the tiger from the movie.


Laura said...

Love the dress! I think it's perfect! Can't wait to see Katie Bug holding little brother Colton. The karate pictures TOTALLY crack me up!!!

Allison said...

The dress is really pretty. Have you looked at the store over by the Dollar Tree? They always have cute girls and boys things but for some reason I can't remember the name of the store right now!
Would you guys like to come over maybe Wednesday next week and meet Arwen?