Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy 19th Birthday Nicholas!

We all came together yesterday to celebrate Nic's 19th birthday. He won't be 19 until Tuesday, but he'll be on the road going back to school. Like any other teenager, he can't wait to turn 20 years old next year. I told him that he would have to grow up when he got out of his teenage years. "Nope, not me" he added. For some reason, I think he's right. He'll always be aggravating. Ha Ha! Pat made six bully pizzas for everyone and Nic had a donut birthday cake.

Katie enjoyed the donut as well. I think all she ate was junk food last night.

She enjoyed staying with Leslie and Sue-Sue the night before. She kept begging to go back home with them, which made me feel real good. As we were leaving, she kept coming up with excuses on why we couldn't leave right then. I think she ended up kissing everyone 3-4 times before we drove off. She still began crying as soon as we hit the road. I felt terrible, but she soon fell right to sleep. Now that Christmas break is over, Katie is going to miss being on the go for a while.

This week is going to be our catch up week. Ugh! I'm so behind on things and no energy to do them. Ha! Plus, I tried to get a little ahead by being on the look for Easter outfits for the kids. I've found a few nice smock dresses on eBay for Katie, but nothing really for Colton. There were two Feltman Bros. bubble suits for newborns, but it would be coming from Guam. Knowing this really concerns me. I guess I'm looking too early, but I don't want to wait too long. Someone told me that Belk is beginning to bring out the Spring Collection, so maybe I'll be able to find a good sale. To add to the perfect Easter outfit for the kids search, the Easter bunny will have to get a plan for Easter morning. I'm sure he won't feel like shopping a whole lot in late March/early April. I love Personalization Mall, but they don't have their Easter stuff out yet. Ugh! Lillian Vernon has their new magazine out and there are a few things out, but nothing really struck me. Meanwhile, I'll just have to wait.

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