Monday, January 26, 2009

Had a Great Birthday Weekend - Thanks!

I wanted to thank everyone for my birthday wishes. If I didn't get a card, I received sweet messages on the blog, people coming by to visit me or lots of phone calls. I appreciate every one for remembering me.

Thank You!

I had a great weekend. Millard and Peggy took us out for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. I absolutely love Cracker Barrel and my food was so good. We couldn't get out of the gift shop because Katie loves looking at every thing. She did fall in love with this big pink Easter bunny. What I loved is that it sings "I Love You, A Bushel and A Peck," which is the song that my grandmother sang to me when I was little and now I sing it to Katiebug. I had to get it for Easter. Peggy got Katie distracted, while I purchased it for her.

Doug was so sweet to grill out steaks, bake potatoes and make a salad for my birthday supper. Yummy! I didn't have a cake or ice cream because Dr. Kakani wants me to watch my sweets, so I had fruit instead. Later, Maryann came by to visit a little bit. I think she's enjoyed all of her kids being home this weekend. Ryan's been home to do a little deer hunting with his dad and Whitney's been home from school to visit.

I love to be busy at times, but I really hope this week will be a little boring. I've got to catch up on a lot of things like laundry. Ugh! It's amazing. I could wash clothes every day and we'd still be out of towels or blue jeans to wear the next day. Katie and I need to take some time and get her some church clothes. Her clothes are really beginning to get tight on her. She wore one of her Smartie Britches (size 4) outfits yesterday at church with a turtle neck shirt and it was a little tight getting it off of her. Ugh! At first, I was having problems with her pants being too short and now it's the shirts. The size 3 shirts are both tight and short. Because it's so close to Spring time, I was really hoping the size 3 Winter clothes would hang in there until we got a little warmer weather. Of course, now every store has their Spring and Summer clothing line out and most of the Winter stuff is gone. I'm still looking for an Easter outfit for Colton, but I'm not having much luck. Belk's had a good sale on their Feltman Bros., but all of their newborn sizes are gone. Ugh! They have a pretty white romper for portraits, but only in sizes 9m-12m. How aggravating. I'm still hopeful though because I'm expecting the Easter dresses and outfits to come out any day. I haven't checked out the specialty shops yet because I really didn't want to pay $40+ for a newborn outfit, but I may have to end up paying if I don't find something soon.

Prayer Request
I don't know how much I'm suppose to tell, so I'll just ask for this. As you may know, Zayne and Whitney are planning to wed this coming July. Whitney will graduate Nursing School in May. She has put in to have the opportunity to work at several different local hospitals. She needs our prayers because the hospital nursing staff is fulling up quickly and the lady that's suppose to place Whitney told her that she might have an opportunity to get her in a top rated hospital from B'ham. Whitney needs your prayers that she is able to get into a good hospital.

It sounds like Zayne might be facing a good career opportunity. He hasn't gotten the job yet, but he needs your prayers that this would be God's well. As you may know, because of the economy good jobs are very few and far between.

I hope you have a very blessed week!

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The Thorsrud Family said...

hey! Glad you had a wonderful birthday! If you find boy Easter outfits in a store let me know. I always have trouble finding little boy stuff. Jake didn't get a Christmas outfit since I couldn't find anything I liked. I think I may have the same problem with Easter....Take care!