Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SBP Senior Night

Last night, we made it to Natalie's Senior Night Basketball Game. A recruiter was there from UNA to watch her play. If I was Natalie, I would be a nervous wreck. She did real good and put the points in that was needed for a big win for the Lady Saints.

We also had an opportunity to see Jodie on the dance team. She did so good and Katie just had a fit. She wants to see her dance again tonight. She was so disappointed when I had to tell her that was the last night to see her dance. The dance team had a couple of ballerinas doing their jazz/ballerina moves. Katie loved it!

Jodie is the one in the front

This is where Katie stayed during the whole game. She loved going around and around on the steps. She spend a little time with all of her relatives. She'd sit in Whitney's lap for a little bit and then switch over to Ryan and so on. It was funny to watch her. I think she got a little jealous when a couple of little girls that Whitney use to babysit came over and started loving on Whitney. Boy, Katie was over there in a flash. I know she was thinking, 'what do you think your doing with my Wibby'. I sure she wanted to just push those little girls out of the way and protect her Wibby, but she was being lady like. Instead, she'd stick her neck around and watch them talking to Whitney. I brought it Whitney's attention, so she put Katie on one knee and the other girl on another knee. Katie was once again all smiles. LOL!

Here's Katie sitting in Ryan's lap for a little while.

It's still hard to believe that Natalie Rose is a Senior in High School. Where has time gone? Ryan and I were talking last night about our ages and how fast time has left us. He couldn't get over how I was 35 and he would be 30 in 5 more years. Then, I reminded him Allan would be 30 next year. I was telling him that I don't feel any different than when I was 25 years old. I think, we both agreed that it's just a number. Below are a few of Natalie's Senior pictures. I think they are so pretty, but my favorite is her with her basketball. I don't have that picture scanned yet, but I'll display it as soon as I can.

More pictures of the ball game will be posted on our photosite.


Anonymous said...

Natalie's dress in the first picture is really pretty! I really like it :) I have to agree with you about age. I was almost freaking out when my birthday just past. I kept thinking, Oh my I am gonna be 30 in just 3 years, but it hit me that it does not matter what the number of my age is, just that I am doing what I love and that I am loving what I do!

Anonymous said...

Oh and Happy Birthday! Sorry I missed it!

thekeyes said...

THanks for bringing allan in the mix of things. lol.. I"ll be sure to let him know you thought of him in the old age catergory.. lol. I'm teasing. what pretty senior photos. Katie looked like she was having fun at the game.!