Friday, January 2, 2009

Sugar Bowl Craze!


Hey Bama Fans!

Are you ready for the big Sugar Bowl? I've been listening to family and friends giving their opinion about the big game. The whole controversy about Andre Smith and what exactly he did. The rumors continue to spread that now why he did not want to hand over his cell phone from Louisiana is because his cousin was the agent connection. Saban had no choice but to send Andre home to Birmingham because he didn't want to get the program in trouble. He did add that if Andre comes back for the next football season, he would be eligible to play ball. From what I understand, the State Attorneys Office is involved in the case as well.

The votes as to who is the better team - Utah or Alabama? The votes are pretty much split because stats show that Utah has never lost a bowl game and they are 12-0 this year. Of course, you've got the "A. Smith Omen" floating around as well. Personally, I believe in our Bama Team and they will play an outstanding game like they have played all year. It will be a very interesting game.


I'm going to try my best to stay up as late as possible to watch some of the game. Ugh! So, set your DVR or TiVo for the big game.

Allstate Sugar Bowl 2009

#6 Utah vs. #4 Alabama

Fri, January 2nd @ 8:00/7:00 cst

New Orleans, LA

FOX Network

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