Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Preview of "Giselle"

The above is a preview of a "Giselle" Ballet performance. I just wanted to show you an example of what the costumes look like. Of course, the little girls like Katie are some what different. I've tried to find a picture of her costume for you to see, but I can't find it online. I should have taken a picture of the magazine picture at the studio. Sorry. I spoke to Elaine, studio owner, and she told me that tickets would go on sell the 1st of May or people could purchase their ticket at the door. She also said that I should recieve a newsletter in March with instructions as how to have Katie's hair and makeup. Makeup? Surely, they won't insist on putting makeup on the little girls. I had not planned on putting makeup on Katie for her recital. I was worried enough how to put her hair up in a ballerina bun. Do you know there is a video online on "how to make a ballerina bun"? I watched it this afternoon and it looks easy enough. I've been talking to a couple of moms at the studio and a young girl that helps Mrs. Anna, Katie's teacher, and they gave me some tips. I think the key item is a hair net to wrap around Katie's hair. Since I trimmed it up around Thanksgiving time, it's not that long anymore and there are more wispies than before.

ULA Delta IV Launch

As most of you know, I use to work with this team before I became a mom. I loved working on the Delta program with the Boeing Quality Team. Since I left, Lockheed Martin joined forces with Boeing on this program and changed their group name to United Launch Alliance. My husband just sent me an email to let me know that a Delta IV is scheduled to launch from Cape Canaveral tomorrow. It will be broadcasted by ULA's webcast here. This Delta IV Heavy will be the second operational flight to be launched. I'm so excited for the program and hope for great success. GO DELTA!

Katie's Friend
Katie was so excited today when I told her that we would be visiting her friend, Anya, tomorrow. Her eyes lite up! She was so excited that she thought it would be a good idea, if we visited Anya right after ballet today. Allison sounded so good on the phone and gave me some great pointers when Colton makes his debut. As you may know, her and her husband gave birth to a little girl last month. I'm hoping Katie will get in the mood to having a baby around our house as soon as she sees how Anya interact with Arwen. I've expressed my concern about jealousy with Allison. She assured me that Katie will be fine. Hopefully, I can get more advice from her and what they've experienced.

American Idol
Don't forget the new American Idol begins tonight at 7:00 on FOX. I'm going to try to stay up as late as I can and watch it.

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Laura said...

So are the costumes for Katie's recital more "peasantry" than "phoo-phoo-ey"? I'm confused! I think she'll do great, though!