Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Inauguration

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No matter what your views are during the election or of our new president, today was history in the making. I didn't want to miss watching this process. I truly hope President Barack Obama the best in office. I'm very hopeful that he will find a good solution to our economic problems. The capital police reported a count of over 2 million people that showed up at the National Mall. I know it looked like a sea of people all along the grass. As the cameras were panning the scene after the inauguration, what should I spot? A man was walking around with a crimson Alabama Football toboggan. Meagan Kelly from Fox News introduced a woman from the State of Alabama. She reported, 9 buses hauled people from our state to the inauguration. The cameras also showed members of the Tuskegee Airmen, which is from Alabama (if you didn't know). I was amazed at how well the State of Alabama was represented at this event.

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Everyone has their own opinion about President George W. Bush and that's why we live in such a great nation. Peronally, I think he did a great job considering what all new things (situations/crisis)we had to face. He had to face obstacles that no other president had to face before and his decisions were based on what he believe was best for the United States of America. If I were him, I know I would be so relieved because some of these problems are now out of his hands and is put on someone else's back, to worry about. I wish him and Mrs. Laura the very best in their new adventures.

Katie wasn't too happy with me because I wouldn't let her watch her TV, like every other morning. She accepted my decision and watched the inauguration with me. I explained to her that we were watching our new president. When I pointed Obama out to her, she asked me "that's your president?" "Yeah, he's yours too", I added. Quickly, she informed me "no he's not, he's yours". I had to chuckle because she was dead serious when she told me that he was mine and not hers. When I spoke to Doug on the phone, I told him what she said. He told me, at least we know how she feels about it. LOL!

Show and Tell
Okay, I caved and let Katie have her Alphabet and Numbers workbooks. I really wanted to see how she would react about it. Would she be enthusiastic or dread? She loves them! I've been so surprised. I first introduced them to her yesterday and I figured it would be a slow process because I don't want to push her. I figured if I pushed her into something that she has absolutely no interest, I won't get any where with her. I will report that she wants her way of doing the work, but I have to stop her and tell her to do it again (the right way). If I point out when she does something the wrong way, she'll close her eyes. I remind her that she doesn't have to do it, if she doesn't want to. I also add that I know she can do it and the right way because mom is only helping her. She lets me know, she doesn't want to stop. She'll redo it and want to do more. I think her favorite book is the numbers because it is dot-to-dot and color by number. I hope was that it will teach her to recognize (eventually) her numbers. The color by number seems to be a little easier for her because she can match the number and color. For instance, if #2 is colored yellow, I'll ask her to look for another #2 that matches. She'll pick it out and then I'll ask what color do we color it. So far, it seems to be working. Now, there are times where she doesn't want to color the #13 brown, but red or pink. That's because she loves the colors red and pink.

I applaud these books that I got from Target. Last Summer before I became pregnant, I had bought a few packs of flash cards for Katie on Letter and Number recognition. I had her try to write her letters and I wasn't getting too far because she would write her A's sideways. Her B's were nothing but scribes. Bless her heart, she tried her best. She just needed some direction. Doug and I had talked a few weeks ago and I suggested that I needed to find some workbooks with traced letters. I was so fortunate to find these books. Katie's no where close to taking off and writing her alphabet by no means, but I see potential. I'm hoping to show you her progress in the near future.

Below are photos of her work just beginning:

I helped color with her, she insists on me coloring with her.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post and tribute to our past president and our new president. Thank you. :)

I agree wholeheartedly. My strong faith guides me each step of the way on my godly path (each and every day), and that is why Obama and the liberal party did not receive our vote. I wish Obama well as he moves our country forward. Don't forget, God is in control. We can rest in Him.

Thank you, Mr. Bush, and may you enjoy restful and happy days ahead.

God bless America!