Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dresses For Katie

Well, I'm back on eBay. I've been so good about staying away from eBay for the past few months. That was until I looked at Katie's closet and said to myself "oh no, she has no church clothes to wear". As you've heard/read in my blogs, Katiebug is going through a big growth spurt and I've had to pack away a lot of her clothes.

Last night after ballet class, I got online and checked out what eBay might have to sell. I found a few dresses that I thought she would really like to wear. I did win one of the dresses that I had marked. I think it will look precious on her. After I won the bid, I showed it to Katie to see if she liked it. Sure, I was thinking too that it was a little late if she didn't like it. Too bad because momma did! I know, I'm one of those mean mommas that make their kids wear the clothes they've got whether they like it or not. The only down fall is Katie will sneak and strip the outfit off, while I'm not looking. Thankfully when she did see the picture of the dress, she was all smiles. She said that she liked it because it has pink flowers on it. Below is a picture of the dress:

I'm also watching a light yellow ballerina smocked bishop dress. I showed it to Katie and she fell in love with it because it has ballerinas on it. Honestly, I didn't think she would like it because the dress is yellow. I was wrong.

I think Katie and I are going clothes shopping later this week. Maybe she'll like it because we'll be shopping for her. LOL!

Ballet Class
Yesterday, I met a new ballet mom. She has three teenagers that are all ballerinas. She over heard me and my friend, Rachel talking about how ballerinas have got to be much stronger than football players. We didn't get this mom's name, but two of her sons were there. She piped in and told us some stories about her daughter, Olivia and her son, Logan. How Logan has been picked on because he is considered a ballerina. After putting up with this for a while, Logan finally had had enough because one of the guys wanted the bullying to get physical. The momma, so proudly, said that Logan beat the boy up. Of course, he was in a little trouble with the school, but the momma told us that she was proud that he stuck up for himself. She was a proud momma because she wanted to show off Logan's six pack. He was a nice looking boy and very ripped. Logan told us that he loved the dance and unlike football you have to have full strength the whole time, whereas you get a break in football. He made since to me. When Katie and Zoe came out of class, the mom was going on about how cute the girls looked. She pulled out a picture of her daughter, Olivia, to show Katie. Katie was so excited to see pictures of a real balleria. I told her that one day she'll be like Olivia. Katie just smiled and said "uh huh", while shaking her head.

Anti-Aging Pill
Yes, you read the subtitle correctly. In the next few years, you might be able to see this pill available to the public and not just hear about it in research labs. Scientists have found out that a condensed wine-based anti-aging pill can truly slower the aging process by as much as 20 years or more. This pill will not only allow you to look younger in years time, but also means the pill could serve as a prevention to a lot of age causing diseases.

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Laura said...

I really, really like the yellow one. I think Katie looks good in yellow with her dark hair.