Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Anniversary Millard & Peggy!

I would like to wish Doug's parents a very

Happy 45th Anniversary!

Last night, we had them over for some homemade pizza, salad & turtle ice cream cake. Yummy! They love Doug's homemade pizza with everything, it was so good. I think they had a good time. Katie was in rare form last night, so we got a few chuckles from her acting silly.

Allison - you'll get a kick out this. After the girls' play date this past week, I spoke to Katie about possibly getting the Disney Bingo game like y'all have. I asked her if she liked it because I didn't want to get it and she ends up not playing with it. Her eyes lite with excitement, "oh yeah I like Anya's game." Well, the only place I've really looked for it is Target and I couldn't find it in the game section.

On Friday, Katie and I were playing the "My Little Pony Memory", "Let's Go Fishin'" and "Elefun". I get tried real quick of playing "Elefun" because the butterflies go every where. Shoo! All of the sudden, Katie looked at me and asked to play Anya's game. I told her that we didn't have it yet. "Uh, huh!" she assured me. I had a terrible time explaining to her that I didn't find it at the store. Poor baby, she started crying because she said that it was a lot of fun and she just wanted to play it. So now, I guess I'm on a mission. If anything, I found it online from Target that I could order and have it shipped. The down fall is I was hoping to get it closer to when the baby arrives. I may have to think of something else at that time.

I did take Allison's advice and bought a few prizes for Katie specifically the first week the baby comes home. I purchased small things that I thought Katie would be interested in. She's been begging me for some more play dough because I had to throw hers away (it was so old and dried up). So, I bought her a couple of packs of it. Target was having a good after Christmas sale of some selected toys. I was able to get a 2 in 1 set of Sesame Street puzzles for $1. The new "Barbie in Thumbelina" book came out. Katie's seen the movie preview from one of her other Barbie movies and reminds me that she wants to see it. I've introduced to her the dot-to-dot activities online and she really likes it. I like it because it helps her identifying numbers. I've also been helping her identify letters and how to write them. She has difficulty, so I was able to get a couple of workbooks that's nothing but dot-to-dot and tracing letters. I hope she will like them and I know it will help her write. She's all the time asking me or Doug to "draw" her name. My hope is when baby boy is resting, Katie and I can play games and go over her workbooks.

Funny Katie Story
I think I made a mistake giving Katie too much information. As a lot of you know, Katie is very curious and asks quite a few questions. She'll ask me my name and her daddy's name, things like that. I don't remember how the subject came up, but I was explaining to her that her Grandma Jerry was my mommy and Grandma Peggy was Doug's mommy. She repeated every word I said, as if to get it registered in her brain. It registered so well that now whenever I talk to her about Grandma Jerry, Katie will interrupt me and said "you mean, your mommy." She won't call my mom, Grandma Jerry. Instead, she'll call her "your mommy (referring to me)". You have to say yes in order for her to let you finish your sentence. Then, she'll add "because Grandma Peggy is my daddy's mommy". She'll go from there right into explaining who is whose daddy. Baby Girl?!?

Delta IV Heavy Launch
The rocket finally went up late last night. Whoo Hoo! The Cape reported that it was a successful launch, so I hope the buyer was very pleased. Maybe they will order some more Delta IV heavies. It reassures me that Doug might still have a job. Congratulations Delta!

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Allison said...

Aww, poor little girl! She can play the Bingo game for sure next time she comes over!
Try Books A Million. They had it here in town last time I was in there.
And Wal Mart had at Christmastime, but they have rearranged their toy section and I didn't notice it last time I was there.