Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Girls' Playdate

Katie & Anya's Playdate
Katie was so excited to play with her friend, Anya, today. They had such a good time together. Anya and Allison taught Katie a couple of really cool games today. I was telling Allison that we have the original Candy Land board game, but they had the newer version. I have to say it was much more simple than the original. The other was a Disney Bingo game. This game you play along with a TV DVD. Honestly, I couldn't see how Katie would be able to comprehend playing Bingo. As soon as Allison and Anya showed her how to play, I think she caught on pretty good. I thought this might be a good mother/daughter game when baby boy is sleeping that we could play. I received some good advice and heads up from Allison with their new baby experience. I felt terrible dragging Katie away from her friend, but we had been there for 3 1/2 hours. We had to get home and pack Katie up to go to Grandma Peggy and Paw-Paw Millard's house tonight. They are going to keep her while I am at the doctor's office tomorrow.

I was surprised how Katie responded to baby Arwen. She kept telling me how cute she was. I warned Allison about Katie not being around infants before now. When I got to hold the baby, I told Katie about it first to catch her reaction. She just looked at me like so. She told me "okay" and went right back to playing. It was so strange to be holding such a itty bitty baby again. It gave me the baby fever. I'm a little more excited about Colton getting here. Oh, but I'm not excited about the sleepless nights. Oh well.

Comment Question
Laura wanted to know if Katie's costume will be peasanty or phoo-phoo. I'm sorry if I confused you, but her dress will be peasanty like the rest of the costumes shown on the film. It won't have the Dutch criss cross touch to it. It's mint green gingham with puffy sleeves, white apron and the skirt is shorter, more like a tutu. If I have another chance to see the picture, I'll have to take a picture.

American Idol
Did you get to watch American Idol last night? I watched most of it and listened to the last part. Doug was having a fit, laughing, at most of the contestants. He loved the contestant that showed up in her bikini. I have to say that it was pretty entertaining, especially when she kissed Ryan Seacrest. I really liked the 16 year old that was named after Steve Nix and the blind guy. What about Sexual Chocolate? I told Doug that was the band's name from the movie "Coming To America" with Eddie Murphy. Don't forget to watch it tonight!


Laura said...

Allison's baby is beautiful! I'm glad Katie and her friend had such a great time!!

Allison said...

Thanks Laura!

Thanks Mirya and Katie for coming over too! I hope I wasn't too scatter-brained from the lack of sleep and having new Mommy brain again (which you will soon experience as well)! Anya had such a good time though, she even took a nap which rarely happens anymore! I hope you guys can come again soon. I really needed the company and adult conversation as well! Thanks again and we are so glad to have met you both!