Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 4 Thanks-Giving and Christmas

On this day, November 4th, I'm thankful for my sweet and most precious gifts from God Almighty. I'm thankful for my sweet and beautiful children. They are truly a blessing from Heaven. We love our moments piled up on the bed, cuddled under the sheets, watching television and giggling. We also love going for rides, just because.

By the way, I must tell you that Katie has lost her second tooth.  Of course, I had to practically wrestle her down to get the tooth out.  She gets scared because she knows how it will feel the first few minutes, while trying to get the tooth out.  I suppose it is instinct to fight against someone trying to take something out of your mouth that's been there for many years.  The tooth was just dangling there, bloody and causing poor Katie pain.  When she finally got brave enough for me to give it a good yank, I held in my napkin another baby tooth with a long root. 

I would like to thank those that have kept me in their prayers and passed along sweet and thoughtful comments by phone or written. I really do appreciate them. Thank you!

Doug and I had an opportunity to watch Nat's basketball team play against UAB Blazers tonight. I think she did good despite their lose. Kevin, Maryann, Ryan, Sarah and Nate met us at the Bartow Arena. It was the first time I've ever been there. They have a very nice basketball arena. Doug and I did take lots of photos and I'll pass those along to you tomorrow. After the game, a few of us met up for a late supper. I wanted to do a little Christmas shopping, since the kids were not with me. The only store that was still open was Walmart, which is open 24 hours. I was able to pick up a few small things for the kids. I decided to wait on the big stuff until later. I've been keeping my eyes open with the "Black Friday Ads" currently available. Target has some great coupons already available. They are good until November 23rd. Walmart has already started their daily specials, also listed on the "Black Friday Ads."   If you are interested in viewing all the Black Friday Ads available, please CLICK HERE!

It's hard to imagine that Christmas is right around the corner; thus, I need to get a good start on my list.  Oh me, I made the mistake of pulling up Target's toy section on my laptop and having Katie go through it.  I showed her where the toy titles were located and asked her to write down her wish list.  Her wish list ended up being three sheets long and she says that she wants to go over it one more time because she doesn't know if she is finished.  She's at the age where she still loves her toys (dolls, playsets, LPS, Zoobles, Zhu-Zhu Pets), but yet she likes the big girl stuff like video games, stuff for your hair, nail polish, body spray, and lip gloss.  That kind of thing.  I plan to fix her up a Caboodle box with all sorts of fun things like glitter nail polish.  I've noticed all of her polish has gotten old and dried out. 

Tomorrow night is the BIG BAMA vs. LSWho?  football game.  This game has been the talk of the town around here, especially for the past couple of weeks.  Reports from T-Town is that the excitement for this game is out of sight and is bringing HUGE revenue into Tuscaloosa.  This is great news because the town could really use the profits right now with all the construction and rebuilding of Tuscaloosa.  Yesterday, our local news showed two chefs from Louisiana making ENORMOUS pots full of gumbo for a tailgating party.  It's all over the talkshow radio stations and we got to watch a little ESPN news late tonight. Everyone's talking about it and very well should be.  This game will be the first real challenge for Bama and I have faith that U of A will pull through with a great WIN.  We've got 10 pounds of catfish just for the occasion.  We are expecting any where around 15 people here tomorrow evening for a little fish fry, followed by watching the game at 7PM. Oh my gosh!  The food that we are expecting tomorrow.  I plan on trying a new recipe called "Coconut Joys."  They are homemade "Mounds" candy bar candies.  A lady from Millard and Peggy's church made these a while back for a bridal shower and I fell in love with these candies.  Oh, they are so good.  Peggy passed along the recipe to me and it sounds so simple.  I can't wait to try it out in the morning.     


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The Keyes Family said...

I wish allan and I could be there for the game sounds so fun. Allan was sad that he was gonna miss it. The guys he works with are all big lsu fans so he has been rooting for alabama much to their dismay. Anyway roll tide!