Friday, November 11, 2011

Thanks-Giving Day 11 & Family Update

I'm thankful for God blessing me with such a beautiful day, so I may take pictures of my children.  I've been planning this for a long time and so glad I was able to do it.  My drive everyday to pick up Katie from school, I've noticed this patch of woods that is so picturesque.  You'll have to stay tuned . . .

I thought I would take this time to put aside the Thanksgiving crafts and recipes and give you a family update.

Doug and I are busy as ever with work, school and preparing for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday. As you may know, Doug and I will be hosting this year's Thanksgiving Day family dinner. I think Thanksgiving comes second to Christmas as being my favorite holiday. I absolutely LOVE the whole traditions of Thanksgiving. Watching the Macy's Day Parade in the morning, picking out which float is my favorite. Thanking God for all He has done for us and our blessings. Having a table or in our case, multiple tables full of food. The turkey, cornbread dressing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatos, and a sea of different kinds of pies, cookies and other desserts. Doug suggested us going nontraditional with this year's Thanksgiving meal. I love turkey and dressing, especially the way we cook the turkey. We deep fry our turkey. It is so juicy and tender, like butter. Of course, my heart sank that brief moment when Doug suggested having a breakfast or some other course that is nontradition. Needless to say, we're fry up that turkey come the 24th of November.

We got Katie's report card last week and we are very pleased, all A's. When I told her what was on her report card, she was all grins. She has worked very hard for those good grades too, especially putting up with me. LOL! Her being the youngest in her class, she will have to stay on top of her studies and practice, practice, practice. She is doing so great reading. Now that reading comes a little easier for her, she likes it. Mrs. G has her reading a level F. I think a level F is probably equivalent to a level 2 because that's what Katie can read from our library at home. I know she can read the Dr. Seuss books real well. Right now, Mrs. G and I are trying to work on her reading comprehension. It's okay, but I can tell there is a little difficulty. I was the same way. Of course, I wasn't 6 years old either. Her main comprehension problem comes from solving math problems. You give her 5 sheets of nothing but typical math problems and she can answer them in nothing flat. You give her 1 question in the form of a story to solve and there is no telling what answer she'll come up with. She can read the question just fine. It's understanding the question in order to solve it is the problem. I've started working with her this past Wednesday, by typing out some word problems for her to solve. She worked on 3 of the 20 problems. She had a little trouble understanding, but I know in time she'll learn how to solve those type of problems. Meanwhile, I've asked Mrs. G for extra problems in this area. She's suppose to be working on getting them to me by next week, hopefully. I think if Katie practices on a daily basis, she'll get it and I think Mrs. G will agree. Her math is great. She can count by 2's, 5's and 10's up to 100.

I can not believe I haven't posted this until now. Ugh! Where is my brain? LOL! Anyway, at the beginning of school. I would ask Katie how school was and what did she do? I would always hear, "good" and "I don't remember." I got tired of hearing the same old thing every single day. I remember my mother would beg me to tell her about my day. I don't know my reasons for not telling her, but I guess I'm paying for my raising. Well, since then we've come up with a game on the drive home. It started out she had to tell me 3 things that actually happened at school that day. If she told me 3 things before we got home, she got a treat. The treat would be anything from yogurt raisins, a couple cookies or a few gold fish. About a month ago, she answers 5 facts that happened at school. She loves playing this game that she brings it up as soon as she gets in the car. Yesterday when I picked her up, she asked me if she could tell me 6 things that happened at school before we get home. It's race against the clock. It's amazing how we went from not saying anything all the way home, to talking all the way home. She tells me everything that happens at school, including who was being mean or nice to her. I just hope she takes my advice when it's needed.

Colton is a very curious little toddler. He does things that Katie, at that age, never would have thought of. For instance, he has put his dirty diaper in the toilet the other day. Yesterday, Doug walked into the bathroom just to find a toilet filled with toys. There is something about this toilet. In a few years from now, we might read this and get a good chuckle, but right now he is adding more gray hair to my head. He has developed a love for comic heroes such as Batman, Superman, and Spiderman. So every time we see one of these super comic hero, he goes crazy. He has gotten at the age now that he enjoys me reading to him and sing songs. In a good mood, I can get him to copy the hand motions.


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