Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thanks-Giving Day 9 & 10

I'm Thankful for . . .
  • being blessed with a such a loving and supportive family.  I consider myself close with all my siblings and their husbands.  I try to be close to their children and now grandchildren.  I try my best to keep in contact with my aunts, uncles and their children.  I love and are close to my parents and my husband's parents.  We all have a great relationship.  I just thank God for letting this closeness to happen and pray it will continue.
  • God leading me and my family to such an awesome church family several years ago.  Our church mission is to spread the Love and Lifestyle of Jesus Christ.  My church family are a wonderful group of people and wouldn't take anything for them. 

Thanksgiving Ideas

Oreo Turkey
from Our Best Bites

Double Stuffed Oreo Cookies
Candy Corn
Peanut Butter Cups
Chocolate Frosting
Yellow Frosting
Red Frosting (optional)
Black Sprinkles for eyes (optional)

*For these kinds of things I love to use the little pre-filled tubes of colored frosting you can buy in the baking isle. The chocolate is easy to make, and homemade actually works a little better because you can make it stiff. However for the colored details like yellow and red, these little tubes are great. It doesn’t really matter what they taste like and they last forever (which is both cool and disturbing at the same time.) I’m using store-bought tubes for everything here purely for convenience- works great!

First step: Grab a cookie. You don’t have to put frosting in there, but I like to because it holds in the candy corn a little better. Just give it a little squeeze of chocolate.

Then stuff in your candycorn. If you’re in some sort of candy corn shortage, you can cut off the white tips to use later for your beaks. I think the candy corn sticks in better with the tip so I leave it on. Go ahead and do all of the cookies through this step.

Next put a dab of frosting on the opposite end of the cookie and secure it to the “base” cookie. It helps to place them next to a wall as they dry so they stay put.

While those are drying, unwrap your PB cups. Take a sharp knife and cut a sliver off of one end. (I don’t need to tell you what to do with the sliver, do I?) It helps to gently cut in a sawing motion so you don’t break the PB cup. (Although I wouldn’t have to tell you what to do with a broken one either, would I?) Cut it from the bottom.

Once those are ready, flip your cookies over, but you may find it’s easy to keep them next to the wall. My frosting was a bit soft, so they needed the extra support.
Place a dab of frosting on the pb cup, and place it on the cookie like so:

Now those little guys will need heads, so glue a whopper on there with frosting as well. I put frosting on the side of the whopper that hits both the cookie and the PB cup. Wouldn’t want a turkey running around with its head cut off, would we??

While they’re still laying there, use a dab of frosting (I use yellow) and glue on the white tip of a candy corn for a beak. Put two yellow dots on for eyes, and for the black spots in the eyes you can use a dab of chocolate frosting, or a mini chocolate chip, or a little sprinkle like I’ve used. A sprinkle is really the perfect size if you have them

Once the beak stays put you can flip them over and draw on some little yellow feet. If you have red frosting too (usually comes in a set with the tube of yellow) you can add a little gobble gobble.

Above instructions supplied by Our Best Bites.  CLICK HERE for full tutorial from Our Best Bites. 


Pilgrim Hats
Those are just marshmallows dipped in chocolate and placed on a fudge strip cookie. Use yellow frosting to make the buckle.


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