Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanks-Giving Day 17 & 18 and Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

I'm thankful for . . .
  • having the chance to be involved in so many wonderful opportunities in my life, whether it was on the job or volunteer work. It was and is truly a blessing! 
  • having the opportunity to visit so many places all over the country.  I was one of the blessed children with parents that loved to travel.  My grandparents lived up North, so we would drive 12+ hours to visit them.  The older I got, the more I appreciated seeing the sights.  I still remember the two week trip in the late 80s.  We drove to North Dakota and all down South, to New Mexico and across the big state of Texas.  We visited beautiful landmarks and family.  It was great!  I'll never forget. 

Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas
Thankful Tree
Thankful Tree from Family Fun
The kids and I just finished our Thankful tree this past week.  Katie and Nia traced the leaf templates for me on construction paper.  They wanted to help cut them out, but I felt that I should do this job.  Katie wrote on the leaves of all the people and things that she is grateful for.  It was sweet, she even wrote her P.E. coach's name.  She really does like Coach B.

Just a couple decorations that I thought would look great this Thanksgiving.

Autumn Decor

Pinecone Wreath
from Better Homes and Gardens
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The Keyes Family said...

What is it with kids and scissors? They all love to cut things. Lilly just got her first pair of rounded tip ones at her grandmas house. It makes me nervous but my mom says she sits there and cuts construction paper for an hour sometimes. Lol.