Monday, November 7, 2011

Pray 4 Joseph

I've tried linking this website for you, but I'm having some Blogger difficulties.

Joseph is a little boy from Louisiana that has a tumor in his brain. His relatives are from our church and have been spreading the word about Joseph. He needs our prayers. He needs your prayers. The family has had to move yet again to a hospital that is hopeful to help his condition. The treatments are still in testing with FDA, so insurance will not pay for it. He needs these treatments, I think, close to a year. The cost $50,000. The family is financially strapped from going to hospital after hospital. Prayer Warriors we need to come together and offer up our prayers and offers to God Almighty. He is the Creator, Father and Healer.  Today at church, I've seen a few people with their "Pray 4 Joseph" bracelets on.  It just touches your heart and you want to reach out to these people. 

I encourage you to take the time and watch Jon and Joy Scott's video. It will tug at your heart just hearing what they have been through. If you can not give, they will need your thoughts and prayers for their little boy. I know, I would appreciate every simple thought and whispered prayer, offered for my child. You can also go to their Facebook for updates on Joseph and view photos. Thank you!

Joseph Scott video and information website is listed below:

God Bless.

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