Thursday, November 3, 2011

Doctor Update and Thanksgiving Teaching Tools

Today, I had my six month follow up with my Neurosurgeon about my little tumor. According to my MRI, nothing has changed. This is good news because it's not growing. Yay! Dr. Clark wants me to have some blood work done to check my Prolactin level. If it's still elevated, I will have to continue to take my medication. If not, I can stop taking the meds. Regardless, I'll have to have MRIs on my head once a year. Dr. Clark said that there is no telling how long I've had this tumor and will probably have it for the rest of my life. We just need to make sure that it doesn't grow. If it does begin growing, it might affect my eye sight. So today, I'm thankful that my tumor hasn't grown.

I've found a couple teaching toddler pack for Colton.  I'm not going to use all of them because I don't feel he is completely ready for dot to dot and letter sounds, but there are a few good sheets.  I wanted to share them with you, if you are interested. 

Thanksgiving Tot Pack - from Our Little Monkeys
Thanksgiving Tot Kits - from LawTeeDah
Thanksgiving Countdown Activities - from ABC and 123
Thanksgiving Lapbook - from 1+1+1=1



The Keyes Family said...

Praise god for non growing tumors and bleeds. My bleed is shrinking, I found out today so ill post about that later. I'm happy your tumor is still small. Thanks for sharing those sheets. I'm going to look at them when I get back home.

Laura said...

Glad everything is ok and you are doing well! Roll Tide!!!