Wednesday, March 21, 2007

American Idol Conspiracy?

Is there an American Idol conspiracy going on? What is up with Americans? I can not believe Stephanie got voted off! In my opinion, yesterday was her worst performance. Chris Richardson has sounded nasally during the entire competition. I think someone will grab her up after all of this is over. I forsee her future taking off and making a great success. If she doesn't, I will be surprised.

We got outside this afternoon - 77 degree Sunny Beautiful Day. Katie had to go visiting before she would settle playing in the yard. Mr. & Mrs. Phipps were out in their yard (Mr. Phipps is always tinkering around with in the yard). As soon as Katie saw Mrs. Phipps she set off to visit with her. I normally don't allow her to just take off like that, but Mrs. Phipps said she was fine. Mr. & Mrs. Phipps enjoy getting visits from Katie. They have a little grandson, Will, who likes to come to our house and hang out instead of staying in their yard. Will is such a card and so cute. When Will comes visiting, Katie just stares at him. She acts amazed at what he has to say or what he'll do next. Of course, she's at the age now that she becomes very interested in the toys he brings to our house (to show me what he got new). Well, he becomes very uneasy when Katie wants to check out his toys. Even though Mrs. Phipps and Will's Mom says it's okay for Katie to hold his toys, I try to get her interested in something else. The Phipps' still have a few outside toys that Will has out grown that Katie got to play with. She offered to give us Will's play slide (small plastic). I thanked her, but Peggy & Millard are suppose to come over tomorrow tonight and have Doug put Katie's Castle together. The Castle has a landing, stirring wheel, slide & swing. Katie's never sled down a slide before and she acted as if she knew what to do. Of course, she figured out real quick she couldn't go up the slide part. After visiting with the neighbors, I finally coaxed Katie to play in her sand box. I had both cameras outside to take pictures. This is the first day she got to play in it. At first, she wasn't too sure about it. She didn't want to actually get in it. She would just shovel the sand and throw it outside the box. I took a few snapshots and finished off a video disc. I will try to publish these photos as soon as possible. She did eventually get inside it and had a good time. I did have a BIG scare today. Katie wanted to be pushed around in her pink push car, which isn't any trouble. When I push her around the yard in either her pink or red cars, I make sure I park it at an angle to prevent the cars from rolling off the yard. As I was pushing Katie, we went to the Yoshino Cherry tree, which is in full bloom right now. A big beautiful butterfly was going from blossom to blossom. I showed Katie the butterfly, but she couldn't see it real good. I wanted to get a picture of it, so I parked her car just past the tree toward the backyard fence. She was still in the car. As I left to get my camera (on the picnic table outside), I heard the car rolling. I knew right then what was going on with my back turned. I just started taring off for the car. It had rolled off the lawn onto the driveway, down to the road, across the street and rested in the grass. I had about three heart attacks throughout the whole ordeal. I know Katie's Guardian Angel was with her along with Jesus Christ Himself because she was still sitting in the car, waiting for me to come get her. Praise God Almighty!!!! She was okay and I just thank God for not having any traffic on the road at that particular time. My heart racing, I asked her if she was okay. "No," she said. "Let's get back up to the house okay," I asked. "Okay," she said. I told Doug about it and how we needed to purchase a guard for the driveway and maybe past the driveway a bit. I know a child product company "One Step Ahead" sells this driveway guard and I was just looking (debating if I should buy it) at it the other day. I didn't even ask Doug today, I told him we need to do something now. Tomorrow, we're going to measure the driveway and purchase the largest one they sell. This also goes to show, you should ALWAYS go with your instincts. I say this because we went to the grocery store this morning to pick up some milk and a couple other items. When we got home, I debated parking the truck sideways across the driveway just in case one of her cars got away from her. See, someone was telling me something and I didn't listen. I thought to myself, nothing will happen because the cars are up in the yard not on the driveway or close to the road.

We do have some good news after our little scare today. I want you to know, Katie has been without her passy for 7 days. Woo Hoo! She has stopped asking for it, which is great. It was killing me this past week because she asked for that passy every single second. I don't know if there were any connections, but she has been so cranky and irritable. We have been butting heads all week. I do believe the "TERRIBLE TWOS" have officially arrived and are here to stay. HELP! She has been trying my patience, which isn't much, all week (more than before). Sometimes, I think I am loosing my mind. What really gets me is when she has pushed and pushed my buttons and then she'll say either "I Love You, Mommy" or "I Sorry." I feel like such a mean Mama when she does that.

House & Senate getting 62% Pay Raise
Are you Alabamians proud of our state representatives giving themselves a raise? I would agree to give them a raise, but not 62%! I think that is a little drastic. I'm just waiting to see what taxes will get a price hike in order to cover the cost.

Motivation Quote of the Day
"If music be the food of love, then play on." - Anonymous

Take care of each other and God Bless You!

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